Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Enchanting Elise! My Review of the Kiyonna Elise Flutter Dress

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I apologize for my lack of regular blogging.  I have been busy with so many things which makes it hard to stop running and sit at the computer to get a blog done.  I am quite the busybody during the summer months!  

Most importantly in my life my Mother, Roxanne was diagnosed with Breast Cancer early this year and we as a family have been helping her with whatever she requires as she battles the disease.  She underwent a bilateral mastectomy and ovary removal in March and began chemotherapy two weeks ago.  We lost my Grandfather to Cancer when I was 16 years old after several years illness so this is a terrifying and emotional journey not only for Mom but for my Sister, Stepfather and myself.  I would appreciate prayers, good vibes and whatever positivity you are able to send during this hard time.  

Our hometown, Lakeview celebrated our sesquicentennial (150th birthday) this past week and as I volunteer with our local museum, I have been involved with planning and working at some of the events during our festival.  I researched and led a guided historical tour of our local cemetery highlighting the pioneers of Lakeview, including my 5th Great Uncle, Lewis Bissell, who came to the town as it's first merchant in 1873.  I feel privileged to be active in my community, our family has been a part of Lakeview for 9 generations now.  I truly love our little town, it is a beautiful place with a rich fascinating history!

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Today, I am reviewing the lovely Elise Flutter Dress by Kiyonna.  I love off the shoulder styles, I cannot get enough of the romantic nature of this style so I knew that I would love Elise.  This dress is summer embodied, whimsical, fun and flirtatious.  The Elise Flutter Dress is feminine and flattering featuring a mock neck with metallic lace detail, fitted bodice, flutter sleeves that can be worn on or off shoulder and a flowing skirt.  Red has fast become my favorite color, I love the drama of the shade especially in the summer against the brilliant greens of nature.  This rich red garnet shade made me feel like a rose as I was walking in the garden.
Outfit Details:
Dress: Elise Flutter Dress in Rich Garnet Size 1X courtesy of Kiyonna
Flower Crown: Red Velvet Flower Crown from Claire's
Earrings: Bad Girl Hoops in 24K Gold from Vixen by Micheline Pitt
Lipstick: Red Velvet by Besame Cosmetics
Shoes: Black Vintage Style Heels by Madden Girl-Thrifted

 The Elise Flutter Dress is made of a stretchy poly spandex material that breathes nicely making it a comfortable dress for summer occasions.  I am wearing a size 1X here, the dress flatters me perfectly fitting tightly at the bodice and flaring out into a generous and flowing skirt.  The neck line is comfortable and the lace is pretty drawing attention to the bodice but also providing modest coverage.  The neck fits nicely without being tight and it does not gap or look awkward as some necklines like this can on a shorter frame.  Length is just past the knee, the flouncy skirt swings in such a fun way.  The sleeves can be worn on or off the shoulder, I prefer them worn off shoulder, they are fluttery and generous giving nice upper arm coverage.  Flutter is an apt name because the sleeves do flutter about my upper arms like a butterfly.

Flutter is a very apt description for this dress!!

I enjoyed a fun hometown date day with my husband wearing my Elise Flutter Dress.  I wore simple accessories that made the dress star of the show.  A lovely rose flower crown matched the garnet of my dress exactly, golden vintage style hoops to reflect the golden metallic lace accent at the neck and simple black heels complete my outfit.  We had coffee and lunch at our local coffee shop, browsed the antique/variety store then strolled though the local library's zen garden just soaking in the summer sun and enjoying each others company.  I later shed my shoes because who does not love running barefoot through warm, soft grass!?  This dress is one of my favorite frocks because I love soft whimsical dresses with romantic details.  The Kiyonna Elise Flutter Dress is a winner, worn casually or dressed up, it is perfect for all your summer fun!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Retro Romance! My review of the Kiyonna Alexa Retro Dot Dress

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 Today, I am reviewing the beautiful Alexa Retro Dot Dress in Raspberry Dream by Kiyonna.  This is my favorite Kiyonna dress hands down!!  It is dreamy and perfectly suited to my vintage sensibilities.  The Alexa Retro Dot Dress is as comfortable it is lovely!  Made of polka dot knit stretch lace, lined in soft polyester and nude mesh at the neckline this dress is a delight to wear as it breathes and flows around you.  I love the addition of nude mesh lining in the bodice, this allows me to wear my normal bra for comfortable support, no visible straps and no need for a strapless bra, yay!  I also love that this gives the illusion of a nude neckline without sacrificing modesty.  The shape of the Alexa Retro Dot Dress is fabulous, a fitted bodice tapers into a gathered waistband and flares into a full skirt.  I love how the dress swings around me, it was made for twirling!  The fit is spot on, I am wearing my normal Kiyonna size 1X, the dress skims my curves fitting and flowing beautifully around me flattering every inch.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Alexa Retro Dot Dress in Raspberry Dream, Size 1X C/O Kiyonna
Earrings: Pearl Drops by Ceci Punch Designs
Necklace: My Grandma's vintage pearls
Flower Crown: Wal-Mart
Makeup: Tarte
Lipstick: Red Velvet by Besame Cosmetics

 This color screams spring!  A vibrant beautiful shade that's between purple and pink, a definite raspberry dream that really draws attention.  The polka dot lace is dainty and feminine, light and a real pleasure to wear!  The lace is fragile so I recommend handling with care as it is fairly easy to snag.  The Alexa Retro Dot Dress is so airy and ethereal, I found myself reveling in every breeze because it made my dress ripple and wave about me.  Gorgeous to dress up for a special occasion, I wore my Alexa Retro Dot Dress for dinner celebrating my 39th birthday and stopped along the way to pose for some pretty photos at this quaint church garden in Jonesville, Michigan.  I wore classic pearl accessories and a matching flower crown to really play up the air of vintage femininity the dress has.   I have had so many compliments on this dress, people love the lace, the vibrant shade of the dress and I had someone ask me if it was an actual antique dress!  Kiyonna has made me fall in love all over again!!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Butterflies and Blooms! My review of the Voodoo Vixen Bettie Dress and a visit to Frederik Meijer Gardens Butterflies are Blooming Exhibit

Every March and April something amazing happens at Frederik Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Butterflies are Blooming is a yearly treat where butterflies from all around the world hatch and take wing filling the Tropical Conservatory with glory!  One of my favorite displays at the garden, there is nothing as enchanting as wandering through this glorious environment while colorful butterflies flit about happily eating fruit, sipping from blooms and if you are lucky, they land on you and whisper about for a few moments.  I thoroughly enjoyed looking for the different types of butterflies, learning more about their life span and the beautiful surroundings; the Tropical Conservatory is filled with lush tropical plants, fragrant orchid blooms, misty waterfalls and pretty paths.  It is a must see Michigan event, it is hard to describe the wonder it inspires in me!!

Outfit Details:
Dress: Bettie Dress in size 3XL C/O Voodoo Vixen
Earrings: Bad Girl Hoops in 24K Gold from Vixen by Micheline Pitt
Petticoat: Banned  23 Inch Petticoat in White from Lucy London
Shoes: Off to the Laces Ballet Flat in Black from Pinup Girl Clothing
Lipstick: Victory Red Lipstick with Cherry Sweetheart Glaze by Besame Cosmetics
Makeup: Tarte
Flower Crown: Homemade with Feather Butterfly Clip from Meijer Gardens Gift Shop
Photos by Kevin Herzog at Frederik Meijer Gardens

 I wore the absolutely perfect Bettie Dress which was graciously sent to me for review by Voodoo Vixen.  I had been saving this dress to wear to the Butterflies are Blooming exhibit, I could not think of anything that would be more whimsical than to enjoy the butterflies wearing a butterfly themed dress!  The Bettie Dress is made of soft creamy taffeta with print in flocked black velvet.  Luscious and luxuriant the Bettie Dress is lovely, comfortable and fits true to size. The print is dreamy featuring butterflies in flight, butterflies sitting upon pretty blossoms and gently falling flowers all in black velvet on a shimmery beige backdrop.

Up close and personal with the Golden Birdwing
I am wearing the Bettie Dress in a 3xl and the fit is just right according to the measurements in the Voodoo Vixen size chart.  The taffeta material is sturdy but has a nice amount of comfortable stretch so it is flattering to your curves and gives nice shape.  The bodice is a wrap style v-neckline that tapers into a banded waist giving a curvy silhouette before flaring into a nice full skirt.  I am wearing a petticoat under my dress for volume but it flows nicely without as well.  I am short at 5'2" but the Bettie Dress is a great length hitting me a few inches below the knees.  I felt like a princess in my Bettie Dress and received so many compliments!  I simply adore this dress as well as the other fabulous vintage styles Voodoo Vixen has to offer and I eagerly await new Voodoo Vixen Curve styles!!

Landing like a whisper, my little butterfly friend stayed with me for about ten minutes posing, he must love the camera!

The Common Morpho 

It was chilly outside so I had such a wonderful day exploring indoors at Frederik Meijer Gardens with my husband, Kevin.   We enjoyed the butterflies, spent a few quiet moments in the Victorian Conservatory which features more gorgeous plants, a pretty crane fountain and period style architecture.  A perfect way to spend a romantic day together, a tropical getaway in our own backyard!

Beautiful in Bettie

The Victorian Conservatory

Monday, April 17, 2017

Springtime Flowers! My review of the May V-neck 50's Style Dress by Dolly and Dotty

It has been crazy the last few months!  Winter hung on longer here in Michigan than normal but nature is finally waking up and everything is bursting into bloom!  I am thrilled for the warmer weather because it makes traveling much easier, I love adventuring and being outside in the beauty of Michigan!

Today, I am reviewing the May V-neck 50's Style Dress in Teal/Pink Floral by Dolly and Dotty.  The May Dress is one of my favorite fits from Dolly and Dotty!  A wrap style V neck with a banded waist and full circle skirt. This lovely floral features a light teal background with colorful pink blossoms. Absolutely ideal for the springtime, beautiful worn alone or with a cute cardigan for warmth this dress is versatile and the perfect vintage style!

Outfit Details:
Dress:May V-neck 50's Style Dress in Teal\Pink Floral C/O Dolly and Dotty
Earrings: Mystic Drops in Ivory by Ceci Punch Designs
Shoes:Thrifted Pink  Peep Toe Heels by Just Fabulous (Similar)
Petticoat: Banned 23 Inch Petticoat in White from Lucy London won from Miss Victory Violet!
Lipstick: Red Velvet by Besame Cosmetics
Pink Velvet Rose Hat, Silver Chain Bead Cuff Bracelet and White Beaded Bag are Vintage.

 The May V-neck 50's Style Dress is made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane blend.  This fabric has a ton of stretch, I easily could have sized down for a tighter fit but the dress fits me very comfortably at a size UK 20 (US 18).  The variety of shades in the print makes for some really great accessorizing.  I chose to play up the baby pink shade by wearing a fabulous vintage pink velvet rose hat and pink peeptoe heels, a beaded vintage bag and my favorite neutral earrings the ivory mystic drops.

  I adore Dolly and Dotty for always having the most beautiful prints and stylish dresses that fit me great!  Check them out and tell me in the comments which Dolly and Dolly dress is your favorite?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mixed Lace Magic! My review of the Kiyonna Mixed Lace Cocktail Dress

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I am reviewing the delightfully sexy Mixed Lace Cocktail Dress in Black Lace with Bordeaux Lining by Kiyonna.  The Mixed Lace Cocktail Dress is much more modern and edgy than most styles that I have tried but I stepped outside my comfort zone and I love it!  It taps into a sexy sophisticated side of my style that I rarely explore.  I dress pretty cutesy most of the time but every woman wants to feel sensual and attractive, this dress totally does it! 

 This dress just oozes sex appeal.  Soft Bordeaux velvet mixes with sweet floral lace and sexy mesh to create a gorgeous dress that will make you feel like a million dollars.  The Mixed Lace Cocktail Dress is form fitting skimming my curves and flaring out flirtatiously at the hem.  I am between sizes at the moment so I generally size down to fit my bust measurement as Kiyonna dresses tend to be sized generously and have great stretch.  This dress caresses my figure perfectly! 

Outfit Details:
Dress: Mixed Lace Cocktail Dress in Black Lace with Bordeaux Lining in size 1X Courtesy of Kiyonna
Earrings: Rose and Chain Dangles from Gigi's Traveling Boutique in my hometown of Lakeview
Shoes: Madden Girl
Headband: Sequined Flower Headband from Family Dollar
Photography: Julie Stickney

 Lace adorns the bodice giving a peekaboo style that's sexy but still modest.  I love how the floral lace wraps around the sides of the dress enhancing the figure and giving an hourglass shape.  The mesh lace on the sleeves gives great coverage adding drama and edginess, mesh also adorns the waistband adding contrast and shape.  The Bordeaux velvet gives this dress sophistication and feels beautifully luxuriant!

I love the variety of styles that you can create with the Kiyonna Mixed Lace Cocktail Dress!  I wore it for dinner out with my best girlfriend, we made a pit stop at a lovely park in Howard City, Michigan to take these photos and enjoy a little outside time on our first spring day that was over 65 degrees!  The best thing about this dress is that you can change your style dramatically by adding different accessories, I wore flowery earrings and a glitzy headband this time but I also imagine styling this dress with high heeled black boots, a sexy updo and bold edgy accessories.  I am in love with the Mixed Lace Cocktail Dress , it is a fabulous modern and sexy addition to my overly girly wardrobe.  Edgy but feminine and absolutely perfect!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Date Night Perfection! My review of the Kiyonna Audrey Lace Dress!

Affiliate Disclaimer: This blog contains links that when clicked on and purchased from may result in a small commission for this site.

Today, I am reviewing the Audrey Lace Dress in Black Noir by Kiyonna.  The Audrey Lace Dress is a delightful geometric stretch lace cocktail dress with a flirty A-line skirt and sexy cold shoulder detailing.  I absolutely adore this dress!!  I was apprehensive at first because it was a bit more modern in styling and form fitting than my normal vintage swing dresses but as soon as I put the Audrey Lace Dress on, I fell in love.  It's sexy, sophisticated and elegant!

Outfit Details:
Dress: Audrey Lace Dress in Black Noir, size 1x c/o Kiyonna
Earrings: Bad Girl Hoops in 14K Gold from Vixen by Micheline Pitt
Tights: Plus Size Nylon Lycra Tights in Fuschia c\o We Love Colors
Shoes: Kitten Heels by Massini
Lipstick: Cherry Red (1935) by Besame Cosmetics

The Audrey Lace Dress is the perfect little black dress to add to your wardrobe.  It is fabulously flirty and super stylish for date night fun.  I styled my Kiyonna Audrey Lace Dress with Valentine's Day in mind by adding a punch of pink with Fuschia tights.  I went with simple gold hoops and a braided updo, because I wanted to draw attention to my shoulders and let the neckline be the star of the show.

 The geometric pattern on the lace draws the eye and looks lovely against the skin.  The lace material is stretchy but does not have a lot of give so if you are in between sizes I would suggest sizing up.  I am wearing the Audrey Lace Dress in a size 1x,  The sleeves are sheer and hit me just below the elbow.  Length hits a few inches below the knee on my 5'3" frame. I am in the top of the measurements for this size and this dress is very form fitting on me without being too tight.  I felt a bit self conscious at first but as soon as I wore the dress out, the compliments started flooding in!  The Audrey Lace Dress is definitely an attention getter.  Who says sexy has to be revealing, this dress is super sexy while being completely modest and wearable for any occasion.

We had a glorious date night together at The Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.  We walked around taking in the beauty of the resort, looking at the huge variety of bright, interesting slot machines, sipped drinks, played a few penny slots and had a great dinner to finish off our evening.  I felt gorgeous and stayed comfortable in my Kiyonna Audrey Lace Dress for a night to remember!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Geek chic! My review of Erin Etc.

 For today's blog, I am excited to team up with Erin. Etc.  Erin Etc. is a fab Etsy shop created by my sister Erin.  She offers geekery at it's finest, the cutest accessories with designs that are all things pop culture, movies, comic books, cartoons and more.   Erin makes earrings, keychains, ornaments and other fun little baubles to compliment your wardrobe and bring a smile to your face.  I am a lover of accessories, as well as a bit of a geek chick so I enjoy wearing items that have my favorite characters on them.    Many of the designs bring back fond memories of childhood and I love anything that inspires happy nostalgia!

Outfit Details:
Earrings: Bambi Earrings C/O Erin. Etc
Brooch: Little Lockheart by Erstwilder
Hair Flower: Delightfully Dainty Double in Pink by Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Dress: Deer Print 50's Dress from Clarence and Alabama
Cardigan: Cropped Cardigan in Black by MAK from Pinup Girl Clothing
Lipstick: Red Velvet (1946) by Besame Cosmetics
Hair done using Curlettes
I love these Erin Etc Bambi earrings!!  I am a sucker for Disney movies and Bambi has some of the cutest characters.  Also, Michigan is known for our beautiful White Tailed Deer and I have begun a bit of a collection on that theme.  The earrings are perfect, just the right size and cute as a button.  The detail is great with bright, sharp color and each pair is hand cut so they are very detailed.  The earrings are made with nickel free studs so they are safe for those with sensitive ears, I have issues with some earrings but these are comfortable for long wear.  People really noticed these Bambi earrings when I wore them out!  I received lots of compliments and had a few people ask where they could get a pair for themselves.

I wore my Erin Etc Bambi Earrings with this Clarence and Alabama 50's dress and Erstwilder Little Lockheart brooch for an adorable deer themed outfit that was perfect for a day out with my husband, we even enjoyed a little bit of fun playing in the snow.  I love to use accessories to create outfits with a ton of personality!  Erin Etc offers such a wide variety of designs that you are guaranteed to find something you love and if for any reason you don't, she also does custom orders. It's hard to chose with so many fun characters but there are a few I could not resist:

Ren and Stimpy:  My favorite cartoon during my teen years, I remember laughing until I cried with my friend over the weirdness that is Red and Stimpy!!

Sarah and Jareth AND The Worm from Labyrinth: Probably the movie that we watched the most in our home during our childhood, Labyrinth is still a family favorite and it's characters seem like old friends of mine!

Sophia from The Golden Girls:  Many an hour was spent with my grandmother watching The Golden Girls and wisecracking Sophia was always my favorite!

Strawberry Shortcake:  One of my most loved childhood cartoons, I still have my Strawberry Shortcake doll from when I was a little girl!

Go check out Erin Etc and tell me what are your favorite designs?