Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wishful Wednesday!!

It's a chilly, blustery day here in Michigan.  I woke up to a world covered in ice and I am nursing a rather severe head and sinus cold.  It's these dreary days that I daydream of blissful warm, summertime.  I love nature and we are blessed to live in a beautiful area.  We are surrounded by woods and often walk outside to find deer, bunnies and birds flitting around in our yard in their busy way.  Deer are beautiful, majestic creatures and the deer in our neighborhood are unafraid of people, so often we can sit on our porch watching them eat and frolic together only a few feet away.  My wishful Wednesday this week is inspired by the Michigan white tailed deer.

Clarence and Alabama are a UK based vintage clothing store that stock a variety of retro brand and styles with fabulous cut, detailing and whimsical patterns.  I have absolutely fallen head over heels in love with their Turquoise Bambi 1950s style swing dress.  The fanciful, frolicking Bambi print with floating hearts over a turquoise background.  The dress has an empire waistline which is flattering on any figure and features a deep v neckline with a sash at the waist thay ties into a cheerful bow back.  I adore the cut, print and style of this dress.  I would pop a ruffly purple petticoat underneath for fullness and contrast.

Erstwilder continues to be one of my favorite companies, I cannot get enough of their quirky little resin characters.  They have a fantastic variety of designs they offer and they have a brooch to match pretty much any ensemble.  I would pair this dress with their Little Lockheart brooch.  He's a perfect match right down to the cute heart detail, what a little dear!  Do you have a piece from Erstwilder yet?  If not hurry up, because you're missing out on a universe of accessory possibilities!!

Pop that Cassette of New Zealand offers hair flowers, fascinators, adorable cardigan clips and brooches.  Their floral hair clips are bright, beautifully designed and unique.  I love this blue, lavender and soft pink flower piece with glitter accents.  The lavender echoes the floating hearts on the dress making this a lovely match.

I'm not going to lie, I pretty much want every pair of Miz Mooz shoes I see!  Their retro styles are perfect and provide just the right details to flatter your outfit.  I would finish this outfit off with the Corbin heel in blue.  The blue and fawn are a perfect match for this dress and I love how these colors enhance one another.  They have a 1.25 inch platform and a 3 inch heel so they're a modest size great for walking.  I love shoes but I refuse to wear shoes that are not functional, lovely, and comfortable.  I want to look amazing but it definitely takes away from a beautiful outfit if you're tripping over your own feet!

I'm very excited to announce that I have a blog collaboration coming up with the amazing Vivien of Holloway.  They offer period perfect fabrics and cuts that are only slightly adapted from genuine vintage styles, wearing Vivien of Holloway you can be transformed into a cheesecake pin-up, a femme fatale, a saucy Mad Men-era office girl, or a WWII working girl! All of their clothes are proudly made in the UK and are loved by well-dressed women around the globe.

  I will also be collaborating with Carolina Dress Room.  I was lucky enough to win their Satin swing dress in pink on their Facebook page where have very generous giveaways everyday.  I will be reviewing it and am also looking forward to doing future collaborations with them.  I'm so thrilled to be working with these fabulously stylish companies to bring them to you!!  Have a beautiful day!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Indie Czar review and more winter for Michigan?!

It's March 24, spring is officially here but still we find ourselves under a winter weather advisory here in Michigan.  I'm still dreaming of fragrant lilac blossoms, the scent of fresh mowed grass and open windows letting in pure breezes.  While I daydream away these last dreary days of a very long winter I'm busy working on exciting things!  I've been working the last few weeks on my Facebook page.  I'm getting more collaborations planned and I am absolutely thrilled to have several amazing companies that I will be working with very soon.  I love bringing fabulous new companies to the states.  I'm always looking for the newest in vintage dresses, clothing, accessories and items to bring to you!! 

Indie Czar is a hot new jewelry designer from Australia.  They make handmade custom pendants with fun, kitschy and beautiful vintage photos, art and the best of Hollywood's Golden movies and icons.  I noticed their work through a vintage shop on Facebook and they were kind enough to send me their Can do Rosie pendant to try.

  I adore my Rosie!!!  She's classy, sassy and beautiful!   The pendant is high quality, image is crisp under a glass dome and the chain is sturdy.  It falls in just the right place to be flattering and comfortable. 

Dress: Torrid
Hair flower: Vintage Box 1947
Necklace: Indie Czar
Sweater: Vintage

I have recieved numerous compliments and inquiries while wearing her out.  I recommend Indie Czar very highly.  They are friendly with great customer service, fast shipment, high quality merchandise and trendy designs!!   Thank you Indie Czar!!!!

Wishful Wednesday tomorrow, I cannot wait!!! Xoxo

Monday, March 23, 2015

Bearpaw Twill review!!

I'm an unabashed Beatlemaniac!!  I've heard their music my entire life at home, on the radio and on TV. My official love for the Beatles started when I was 16 when the Beatles Anthology was on TV.  I was intrigued with their talent and charisma.  I loved their fun style from the matching suits to full on hippie garb.  My son is named Lennon!  Yup, I'm a Beatles freak!  When I saw the Bearpaw Twill boot it immediately reminded me of a modernized version of the Beatle boots of the 1960s.

Streamlined and stylish but functional.  The Twill are everything I need in a boot.  

Comfortable, versatile and too cute!!  I wear them with everything, jeggings, leggings and dresses.  It is important to me that most of my boots are able to be worn with dresses as I wear dresses most often, these are perfect to dress up or down.  The hidden wedge heel is just the right height and very easy to walk in. I love the funky cut and shape with three silver snap accents on the side.  I'm also very pleased that I have not had to worry about Bearpaws fitting around my calves, they are great, very roomy.  I highly recommend them for plus size women like myself, who have a hard time getting boots that fit their calves!   They are super soft inside too, I just cannot get over how soft the Bearpaws are and warm because while it looks nice outside, it was only 38 degrees here in Michigan!  Here I am having fun in my Twill walking my Pomeranian brothers Smokey and Teddy around the neighborhood.

Leopard babydoll dress and leggings by Torrid (last year). Necklace courtesy of Indie Czar.  Sweater is vintage.

For more pics and fun check out my new Sassy Scarlet Facebook page!!  Tomorrow I will post more pictures and review my Can Do Rosie pendant from Indie Czar, hot new customizable jewelry from down under!!   I'm working on Wishful Wednesday already because I found the perfect dress.  I cannot wait to show you!  Xoxo 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

New Facebook page!

Two more days til Spring!!  Well officially!  I'm excited for spring and all that means.  I love watching Michigan awake from winter and come vibrantly alive again.  Flowers, leafy trees and warm breezes get my creativity flowing!!   I'm very excited to start my first full year as a blogger and vintage model.  I'm planning some amazing brand collaborations, fantastic photoshoots and Pinups for Patriots events.  I will be working with some amazing people, visiting new locations and bringing you a ton of fabulous reviews.  I'm happy to announce that I've begun a Facebook page for sharing my retro adventures with you, please hop on over and give it a like.  I will be posting regularly there and you don't want to miss the fun!  You can also follow me on Instagram.  Have a beaauutiful day!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wishful Wednesday and Lucky Lous review

Happy Wednesday to you!!  This morning's wishful Wednesday post was inspired by Viva.  Everybody's been talking about it and I'm unable to go but I see that many of my friends, aquaintances and style muses are going.  I want all of my friends that are going look their best and if they ask for help I will offer it!   I think as women it's important that we try to support one another, to uplift each other, it's what sets us apart!!  My post this morning is inspired by the sweet Ceci Punch who was wondering about Viva outfit ideas on Facebook the other day.  I quickly realized her delightful Tiki skull earrings match the Hell Bunny Sasha dress perfectly.  Tiki party time!!

I love Ceci Punch designs!  She is a San Diego based company that designs unique vintage items with a modern edge and her items are 100% handcrafted.  I absolutely adore these Tiki skull earrings, they're my inspiration today.  The wooden hoops, turquoise flowers and adorable little bone skulls scream Tiki party and summer.  I love the contrast of feminine florals with skulls,its perfect!  Ceci designs awesome vintage style pieces and as a bonus her personality is sweet as pie, I cannot recommend her highly enough. 

Hell Bunny is my personal favorite at the moment.  I've worn many of their dresses for photoshoots and have two coming in the mail.  They are high quality, retro stylish and fit like a dream.  I  definitely want the Sasha dress.  Turquoise is my favorite color right now and the sugar skull print is trendy!  The skulls are playfully peeking out of florals and vines.  The cut is gorgeous with a sweetheart neckline, bolero style panels at the shoulders and perky capped sleeves, it frames perfectly and is finished off by a full circle skirt, lovely with or without a petticoat.  I love petticoats and I'm a creature of habit, once I like a brand I will wear them often.  I would pair this dress with the Malco Modes Jennifer petticoat in Red for contrast.  I cannot get over how lovely soft and full these pettis are!  Swish away!!!

I would carry on the cute Tiki theme by wearing Lucky Lous Rockin Tiki in red.  I was fortunate to win a pair in a collaborative Facebook giveaway by Rosabilly Retro and Lucky Lous Shoes.  I had never heard of Lucky Lous before this but their style immediately caught my eye.  I can't begin to describe how gorgeous these heels are, you really must see them to believe.  I was dumbstruck when I opened the box!!  The wood is beautifully grained, the tiki is hand carved, gorgeous and glossy, the leather bright and butter soft.  They fit like a dream and are perfectly balanced, I'm not the most graceful in heels but these are easy to walk in!  Michigan is just thawing so I'm still waiting to wear my Rockin Tikis out on the town.  Pinup photoshoots, Pinups for Patriots events and warm weather cannot come soon enough for me!!

Coming soon I'll have reviews for the wonderful vintage store Retroglam, the Hell Bunny Eloise and Black Dahlia dresses and the delightfully versatile Bearpaw Bonnie boots!  Wishing beautiful days to all!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Lady Mayra Review!

It's a beautiful quiet morning.  The snow has almost melted and I saw crocus peeking out!  I'm getting all dolled up today to go to the local VFW hall and support our veterans at a St. Patty's day dance.  I love wearing dresses!  I'm a stay at home mother and we are on a very limited income so its hard to keep new dresses in the closet.  This is why I enter many giveaways, it gives me a chance to own things I would never afford otherwise!  I have been very lucky to win several giveaways.  I have won dresses, shoes, jewelry and more from some of my favorite brands.  I will review everything here and I'm hoping to not only show you what I love but introduce you to some new stylish items and brands!!
I was blessed to win a dress from Lady Mayra in a Facebook giveaway.  Lady Mayra is a pinup company with a great variety of gorgeous dresses and skirts.  I won my choice of any of their Elsa dresses.  This was not an easy task because Elsa comes in 12 different color combos and I love them all!!  Eventually I showed my husband and his favorite was the black floral. 
I love it!  It's so vibrant with fuschia, goldenrod, baby pink and celery green floral and vines dancing on it.  I was careful to measure and got a size 3xl.  It fits like a glove and I would suggest if you are large busted to go up one size, the material does not have stretch.  The fit is lovely, flattering and it has a generous circle skirt!  I'm wearing a Malco Modes Jennifer petticoat underneath and you could easily wear a much larger petticoat!  Maximum skirt swirling potential. Some companies skimp on the skirts for their plus versions of dresses but not Lady Mayra.  The very similar Lindy Bop Ophelia dress is beautiful but has a disappointing and rather unflattering a-line skirt on the plus size dress.  I'm impressed!!  The sweetheart neckline is flattering, it tapers in at the waist and the full circle skirt give the hourglass silhouette I love. The material is high quality cotton, soft, silky and sturdy with bright crisp print.  I love the selection, variety of unique prints available and quality of their dresses for the price.  Their customer service is friendly and shipping was fast from Thailand.  Lady Mayra has a great selection of beautifully designed dresses and as a bonus they do regular giveaways on their Facebook page!!  I highly recommend you give them a look!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wishful Wednesday!!

Happy hump day lovies!!  It's a beautiful bright and sunny day here in Michigan.  The snow is thawing, there's no minus sign in front of the temperature and spring is in the air.  I'm ready for blooming trees and the scent of blossoms all around.  My favorite spring blooms are the fragrant cherry blossoms, because Michigan is a huge cherry producer this weeks outfit is inspired by juicy, cheerful Michigan Cherries 🍒🍒

I've been admiring Heart of Haute, they have a lovely clothing line that is designed with vintage fashion culture in mind.  I love the cut of their dresses and the variety in their prints.  Their line has it all whimsy, sophistication, and perfect pinup styling.  I chose the gorgeous Beverly dress in aqua dot and cherry print.  I love the picturesque neckline with the bow detail and the contast of bright red cherries against aqua blue, it really makes the dress really pop!!  It has a full skirt so it can be worn with or without a petticoat which makes it great for many different occasions or just enjoying some fun in the sun.

I would pair the dress with this gorgeous red pettiflirt from Spunkerella whose petticoats are designed to resemble the 50s style petti combined with the flirty girliness of a tutu.  I love how full and flouncy it is with the ribbon detail and that they cater to all sizes.  Their petticoats are beautiful, they come in several styles and colors to match every outfit!  Perfect for my preferred pinup style!!

I adore Deer Arrow.  I love supporting small family owned companies because their items are carefully crafted, handmade and handpainted which makes them treasures to me!  I would wear the adorable Vintage Chevy brooch in red with this dress.  I cannot get over how perfect it is and it would provide a dash of fifties fun to this outfit!!

B.a.i.t. (But another innocent tale...) have the most amazing collection of vintage style footwear.  They bring back thecfeelong f yesteryear with a modern touch.  They have every type, color, style and heel size to accessorize any retro or modern fashion look.  I chose their Ida precious blue because it matches this dress to a tee and has that perfect vintage feel without being too tall for function.  Check out their line and fall in love!!

I love Vintage Box 1947.  I love her style, sass and eye for design.  Each of her creations are statement pieces, high quality, lovingly handmade and absolutely breathtaking!!  I would wear the Sophia open rose in Vanilla with this outfit because roses are my favorite flower and I love pairing big feminine flowers with fun fruity prints.  I cannot recommend VB1947 highly enough, she's  an absolute doll!!!

I'm having so much fun writing these blogs and sharing with you, please let me know what you think or if you have anything you would like to see in future blogs.  I will be reviewing the fabulous Lady Mayra Elsa dress tomorrow and Friday the Bearpaw Twill boot!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Lady Vintage and Malco Modes review

Hello all!!  It's finally thawing out here, great news because I sure have missed being outside!  I'm looking forward to fresh breezes, green grass and crocuses in bloom, spring!!!!  This also means I'm dying to wear my dresses everyday again, this winter was not dress friendly!!! I love dresses, they're feminine, comfortable and I feel the most at home in them, so I am always needing new ones.  I have been researching so many great pinup or vintage style brands and started following their social media for style ideas but I could not believe the generosity, so many great giveaways!!  I have been very lucky to win several clothing giveaways and will be reviewing all of the items I have won.  I was blessed to win an Instagram contest from Lady Vintage.  They are a London based manufacturer of vintage style dresses.

I won the Eliza Swing dress in black floral.  It's such a gorgeous dress!  The fabric is high quality, the floral print is bright, feminine and lovely.  I got a size 16.  I would generally order a size 18, but I went by the measurements ordering, it still fits slightly tight, there is no stretch to the material, so be sure to measure carefully and I would recommend sizing up if you're unsure or in between sizes.  I love the shape of the dress.  The bodice is roomy which is great for larger busts and the straps are wide enough to hide your bra straps.  It nips in at the waist with a tie in back for extra waist slimming effect.  It has a full skirt, great size to pair with a big poofy petticoat!  I love the style of the dress and how gorgeous I feel when I'm in it.  Is it springtime yet, because this dress needs to be worn to a garden party!

I'm wearing my Malco Modes Jennifer petticoat with this dress.  I won this petti in a giveaway on one of my favorite style blogs Junebugs and Georgia Peaches, if you don't follow them already you're missing out on a universe of vintage style and personality!!  I was able to chose any petticoat from the Malco Modes collection.  I chose the Jennifer because it's a size that has lot of outfit versatility and what a fantastic color selection they have available.  It's soooo fun!!!  I adore how big it is 40 yards of nylon chiffon material and 120 yards of ruffles!  Adding a petticoat to my lovely retro dresses is putting the petals on my flower.  I chose yellow because I wanted contrast, it's bright and bold and I have several dresses to match it.  I got a size Large it fits great and the waist is adjustable which is perfect because I tend to go up and down weight wise, they're sizes are generous very plus friendly.  The petti has tons of swishing potential and is whisper soft, not at all itchy like some petticoats.  The price is also very affordable for such a full and ruffled petticoat so I think I need a Jennifer in every color!!  Thank you Junebugs and Georgia Peaches and Malco Modes!!

Next blog I will review the Lady Mayra Elsa dress I'm wearing in the picture above.  Have a beautiful day!!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Erstwilder review!

My first exposure to Erstwilder was about 6 months ago when I began following the fabulous retro style blogger Miss Lixxie Lou. I noticed not only her amazing outfits and perfect hair but the cute, kitschy and completely unique Erstwilder pieces that she wore so often caught my eye.  I had never heard of the company so I googled their website and fell in love but finding a retailer here in the USA proved tough!   I began my quest for my first Erstwilder piece and was blessed to win Erstwilder's Foxy giveaway!!

I chose the new She's So Foxy brooch.  It came in the most adorable round cardboard package and they even sent a cute sweater dog magnet as a bonus.  When you open the box inside the lid are care instruction and a character card with the name of your unique little resin friend with a little poem about it.

She's So Foxy
Oh she's so foxy, just a swish and a flick this way and that, the men all come running without fail.

The brooch is beautiful!!  The Body is white with red, blue, yellow floral with green leaf accents, the black eyes, ears, nose and swishing tail tip are glossy black resin.  The face is dimensional, three layers give it depth and character.  I've worn her out several times on dresses also with a sweater and jeans, each time I wear her I recieve tons of compliments on and questions about the brooch, people just love her!  Erstwilder's pieces are eye catching, unique, high quality and there is a piece perfect for every outfit or occasion! Check them out and let me know what you think!   Thank you Erstwilder!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wishful Wednesday!!

Good morning!!  What a beautiful day here in Michigan.  The sun is shining and the forecast says our winter weather is coming to an end.  Perfect morning for a good cup of coffee and a pinup style daydream....

I looove coffee!  This weeks outfit inspiration is spring and the cutest coffee brooch from Bok Bok B'gerk, an Aussie company that makes the most adorable accessories.  I've fallen in love with their upcoming collection!  My favorite items are the coffee cup brooch and earrings.  They're so whimsical and perfect for those of us who love our accessories and our days caffeinated!  I love this design because it's a perfect modern twist on a pinup staple.

I have been dying to get my hands on the new Voodoo Vixen line.  They have so many beautiful and even fun, kitschy designs.  The Angie dress in particular is just my style.  The rose print makes me dream of garden parties and the detailing on the waist looks like it will give a flattering hourglass silhouette on any figure.  I love to wear petticoats but this dress is one I would feel lovely wearing even without.

If you haven't heard of Jessica Louise you've been missing out!!  I love her designs, they're so imaginative and completely unique, I own a bat and roses headband of hers and cannot wait to get another piece.  I would wear her Sunshine around me headband with this outfit.  This piece is beautiful because it can be worn with a dress or with jeans, flower crowns are always a perfect accessory!! 

My love affair with retro style shoes is just beginning.  I've been searching the internet looking for perfect styles and craving little vintage details that make the shoes pop.  I'm so glad I found Miz Mooz!!  I am dying to wear their Carlotta heels in red.  I love the lacey details, the high ankle strap and the moderate 3 inch heels.  They have such a fun variety of colors and modern or retro styles to choose from!!

I'm a cardigan girl, growing up in Michigan's unpredictable weather you never know when you might need a bit of coverage for weather or you can add a cardi if you desire more modesty, I also love that it adds flair to your outfit.  I'm looking forward to warmer weather and I love lace.  I choose this off white floral lace cardigan from Unique Vintage because its just the right balance of beauty and function.  I'm really into their I Am Unique campaign that is celebrating the beauty and personality of all women, I believe the key to happiness is having healthy self love and love for one another!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Wishful Wednesday.   I love putting these ideas together and would greatly appreciate any feedback.  Tomorrow I'll be reviewing my first Erstwilder piece that I was blessed to win in their recent Foxy Giveaway.  Stay tuned!! 💗

Monday, March 2, 2015

Bearpaw Madeline Review

It's winter in Michigan and this year has been another brutal one.  Negative temperatures nearly everyday have made tough to keep warm!  I've been needing a pair of good winter boots for several years.  Shoes and boots are not my favorite thing to buy.  I have wide feet and wide calves, which makes finding anything that fits decent tough.  Also living on limited income it is hard to justify the expenditure so I usually make due with my old boots, however this winter the cold made getting better boots necessary.  I've looked extensively but every pair I've bought let me down, either too narrow or the calves were too small, even Torrid brand boots were a tight fit.  I've been eyeing Bearpaw brand for a while so when they posted on their Facebook page that they looking for brand ambassadors, I jumped at the chance!!  I'm so happy and honored to have been chosen for this opportunity!!  I will be reviewing all the Bearpaw products I recieve.  I'm super excited to share!
Its hard to choose which pair of Bearpaws you want, they have so many varird fun styles to choose from!!  My first pair are the super cute Madeline boot in hickory, size 9. I generally wear an 8 but I measured slightly above the 8 on the Bearpaw size chart so they recommend sizing up as they do not carry half sizes.   They are perfect!!  Warm enough for Michigan winters, super stylish and rugged enough for walking in the snow.  The tread is great, no slipping and falling in these!!  I love how soft they are on my feet, like walking on a cloud and the longer you wear them, they conform to fit your feet perfectly.  The calf width is great!  I can wear them with jeggings and thick boot socks comfortably without struggling to put them on.  I recommend weatherproofing  them with a Bearpaw care kit to keep them looking their best, the kit also includes freshener spray and cleaner so it's must have for boot lovers.  I've recieved tons of compliments on these boots and everyone wants to touch the fuzzy trim!  Thanks Bearpaw for a great product!