Thursday, February 22, 2018

Moody Blue! Introducing the Karina Dresses Megan Dress in Blue Moon Print

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 Today, I am introducing the beautiful Megan Dress from Karina Dresses.  Part of Karina's new Moody Blue collection, the Megan Dress is an old favorite in the new Blue Moon signature print.  This dress is an instant classic!  I love the vintage feel of the design and the Blue Moon print makes is an eye catching little number that is both comfortable and chic.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Megan Dress in Blue Moon Print, size XXL Courtesy of Karina Dresses
Petticoat: Dancing Days Petticoat in White by Banned Apparel
Earrings: Vintage Inspired Resin Hoops in Cobalt Blue from Pinup Girl Clothing
Flower Crown: Claire's
Makeup: Tarte Cosmetics
Lipstick: Victory Red from Besame Cosmetics

 I cannot gush enough about how much I love the Megan Dress.  This style fits my vintage aesthetic to a "T", it is flowing and super comfortable while being incredibly stylish with minimal effort.  Some days I just want to grab a dress and go, as soon as I put it on this Megan Dress it instantly became one of my favorites.  This will be a dress that I can wear at home for comfort but it can be dressed up and endlessly accessorized so it can be worn anywhere.   The Megan Dress is a V-neck with a defined waistband, pretty gathered sleeves and a flattering flared knee length skirt.  This dress is so slimming, the V-neck style flatters and enhances the bodice, tapering and defined at the waist, then the flared skirt gives a curvy shape that looks great on everyone!  Karina uses the most wonderful microfiber blend material that breathes, stretches and resists wrinkles so these dresses travel easy and look great right out of the bag.  I am wearing a size XXL, it fits just right with lots of stretch for comfort.  I love that the skirt is large enough to accommodate a petticoat, it adds a lot of retro flair to the dress and gives me extra layers of warmth in the wintertime.

 I am also absolutely enamored of this gorgeous new signature Blue Moon print.  A lovely deep teal blue background with semi circles of sky blue, soft grey and cream, this simple geometric pattern is stunning!  Blue Moon has beautiful colors to accessorize.  I chose simple complementary accessories so I could really let this dress shine.  It was a lovely day with blue skies and we still had a dusting of snow, even the Michigan winter weather matched my dress.  I am wearing one of my favorite flower crowns, cobalt resin hoops, a petticoat and simple vintage black heels but the Megan Dress in Blue Moon is the star of my outfit.  I cannot stress how flattering this Megan Dress is and the Blue Moon print takes it to the next level of sophistication.  Karina Dresses are timeless, versatile, stylish and easy to wear, I am thrilled to have this Megan Dress in my wardrobe!

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Bodycon Beauty! My review of the Kiyonna Bianca Ruched Dress

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Today, I am reviewing the Bianca Ruched Dress in Plum from Kiyonna.  This is by far the sexiest dress in my wardrobe!  A dramatic departure from my normal cutesy vintage style, this bodycon dress is chic and stylish while being soft and comfortable.  The perfect dress for date night or any occasion where you want dramatic style, Bianca will guarantee all eyes are on you!

I am the first to admit that I play it safe with style.  I wear outfits that are fitted on top but flare out on the bottom to camouflage my tummy and butt.  I have always been picked on for my big butt, bullied all through school I learned to hide my body instead of celebrating it.  I love my body but rarely embrace anything that shows off my shape closely, so when I saw the Kiyonna Bianca Ruched Dress, I fell in love but I was terrified of wearing a bodycon dress, I do not generally feel as confident in these fitted styles.  I want to get past that, so I took a risk and I am so glad that I did! 

Outfit Details:
Dress: Bianca Ruched Dress in Plum, size 2X courtesy of Kiyonna
Hair Flower: Orchid by The Pin Up Curl
Earrings: Pearl Drops by Ceci Punch Designs
Makeup: Tarte Cosmetics
Lipstick: Victory Red by Besame Cosmetics

The Bianca Ruched Dress is a bodycon dress with flattering ruching, a peek-a-boo neckline and dramatic draped cold shoulder sleeves.  A fresh and trendy reworking of a classic starlet style, the Bianca Ruched Dress has all the vintage style that I love with modern accents.  Made of a rayon and spandex blend material, this dress is soft as a dream while having great stretch that accentuates every curve.  This material is fabulous because it is breathes and moves with the body making this dress feel like a second skin.  The ruching is amazing, it can be adjusted just right to flatter your shape so the dress looks made for you.  The peek-a-boo neck can also be adjusted to show more or less as desired by simply tucking the neckline to suit your needs.  I love the draped cold shoulder sleeves, they cover my arms while still giving a sexy peek of shoulder that I just love!  Purple is my favorite color and this rich shade of plum is pretty and sophisticated.

 I am wearing the Bianca Ruched Dress in a size 2x here, it fits me perfectly, hugging every curve and embracing my body.  It highlights my hourglass shape and shows off my body in a way that I rarely do.  I will admit, I felt self conscious at first, there's a stigma that surrounds visible belly outline and I am not used to showing off my shape in a fitted dress but as a mom who has had a C-Section and a gal who has always been belittled for being plus sized, I am over that!  My body is beautiful just as it is, it has survived, thrived, made life and brought me through everything both good and bad, it deserves care and unconditional love!!

The Bianca Ruched Dress in Plum is definitely a show stopper, I got tons of compliments as well as a few people simply staring open mouthed.  I loved how I felt wearing it, I was like a starlet, all eyes were on me and everyone had something wonderful to say.  It made our date night all the more special because I dressed up in a way my husband rarely sees me and he loved it! Kiyonna knocked it out of the park with this style, I cannot gush enough about it.  It felt wonderful to embrace my body in a whole new way and Kiyonna made sure I looked amazing doing it!