Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step...

First post, ok so introductions...I am Sassy Scarlet.  I am an aspiring plus size pinup model, singer, mother and wife.  I love vintage style, music, books, cooking, nature, animals and generally love the joy of living everyday life.  I am a Christian and my belief is what defines the positivity and love you will feel here but I will not push my beliefs on you.  My God has told me I am to love everyone. This means I will not discriminate based on anything.  I have friends of all ages, races, sizes, sexual preferences and religions.  I love people, I have a gift for entertaining and engaging with everyone I meet in a positive way.  My goal is that everyone leaves my presence feeling happier.  However it says Sassy and I am.  I am not a doormat and tell people straight up I will not tolerate abuse, hatred, bullying or negative behavior of any kind here so if hate is your thing, check it at the door or go elsewhere. Agree to disagree and be respectful!

As far as content, I plan to fill this page with verve.  I will share personal stories, my life in pictures and words also I will review products I love, things I want to buy, share recipes, and just have fun!   Life is full of one of a kind experiances and I will not take even one second for granted.   I hope you enjoy my ramblings. ♡♡

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