Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sassy Scarlet's 2015 year in review!!

2015 has been an amazing year for me!  I decided to start modeling and blogging full time in February.  It was a huge decision for me, I have never been a gal that considered herself great looking and being plus sized I thought, there's just no way I could be a model.  What changed my life was a combination of things.  The first was fun photoshoots introducing me to supportive women who were confident enough to lift one another up.  The second was Vintage style inspiration from ladies like Miss Victory Violet, Amelia and June from Junebugs and Georgia Peaches, The Cherry Dollface, She Might Be Loved and Pin Up Persuasion.  Reading their blogs, watching tutorial videos and seeing their style inspired me to be confident in my own sense of style!  I have dreamed of dressing vintage my entire life, first the lack of items in my size stopped me, later, it was a lack of self confidence but I can say with 100% certainty that I have never felt more confident in myself, my entire life, being a pinup has changed me forever!!  I have gotten so many incredible opportunities, met fantastic people and really surprised myself by smashing through my own personal barriers.  I have grown so much and through it all the most important thing has been having the support of my family, friends, the amazing companies that took a chance on a newcomer and my fabulous fans, I cannot thank everyone enough for believing in me!  The thing that drives me is a belief that each person is a unique universe of personality and beauty, meeting people and seeing this beauty adds so much richness to my life, I cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store!!

Here is a look back:
 I was honored to be published in my favorite magazine, Vintage Life as Miss March!

Photo: Decadence Dolls

Bearpaw Madeline Boots and a couple photobomb poms!
Bearpaw Scarlet Moccasins
I became an ambassador for Bearpaw.  I love their comfortable, high quality boots, shoes and accessories so this was a dream for me!

Photo: Put A Smile In It Photography.  Dress: Hell Bunny.  Hair Flower: Daisy Jean Floral Designs
I had a wonderful time working with Brandy from Put A Smile In It Photography this year!  We shot some unforgettable photos and I met so many beautiful Michigan pinups that I now call dear friends!

Pinups For Patriots Michigan at the Red Cross Hometown Heroes Gala
Pinups For Patriots Michigan at The Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.
Pinups For Patriots Michigan Chapter
Dress: Voodoo Vixen Kitty
Dress: Hell Bunny Motley Sailor.  Brooch: Glitter Paradise Shark Bomb.
I had an amazing year being a part of Pinups For Patriots.  We went to some really incredible events all over our glorious state and met amazing veterans.  It was a privilege to serve and I cannot wait to have more adventures with my Pinups For Patriots Michigan chapter sisters this coming year!

Enjoying a stroll on the beach of Lake Michigan in my very first dress from Pinup Girl Clothing, The Ella in Mary Blair Lips and Roses Lavender.
There are few things I love more than traveling across Michigan seeing the vast, wondrous beauty of my home state and sharing it with others!

I impressed myself by smashing through some of my own boundaries this year, I took chances and really went outside of my comfort zone but it was well worth it!  The biggest moment for me personally this year was entering the Grand Rapids Metro Cruise Pinup Competition.  It was a truly special experience for me that led to so much personal growth, I was terrified but I overcame my fears and walked the stage confidently.  I was proud to place in the top ten but most importantly I made friends for life of the ladies I was privileged to compete with.

Dress: Grace in Silver Lace C/O Vivien of Holloway

Brooch: Tweetheart C/O The Moby Duck
Dress: Whoopie Pie in the Sky C/O Katrina Parker Frocks
Brooch: Oscar Wildenfox C/O Erstwilder
Purse: Suzy Sailor Bowler Bag C/O Fluff
Dress: Aurora C/O Ains & Elke StyleHaus.  Accessories: The Great Pumpkin Waltz Brooch and Earrings C/O Summer Blue Jewelry
Dress: Santa Baby C/O Blueberry Hill Fashions.  Tights: Emerald Green Plus Tights C/O We Love Colors
I was overwhelmed by how many fabulous companies were kind enough to take a chance on a small town Michigan girl. Biggest Thank you's to: Vivien of Holloway, Erstwilder, Katrina Parker Frocks, The Moby Duck, Summer Blue Jewelry, Ains & Elke StyleHaus, Fluff, We Love Colors, Bandelettes and Blueberry Hill Fashions.  I was blessed to collaborate with so many brands that I had been a customer or admirer of for years.  Writing these reviews has been a pleasure and I cannot wait to bring you even more vintage style in the New Year!!!

Location: Forest Home Cemetery in Greenville, Michigan.  Dress: SWAK Designs Harlow Lace Dress
Renee Ricket Photography and I have forged an amazing partnership that was, ironically, born among the tombstones in the beautiful Forest Home Cemetery.  Our mutual love of the historic cemetery led to many conversations, crazy ideas and a friendship were formed.  I am thrilled to have shot not only some one of a kind photos with Renee but we have also teamed up to do event shoots so we can help ladies celebrate their unique beauty.  2016 will see even more crazy shoots together so stay tuned, you never know what we will come up with next!!
Photos: Renee Ricket Photography.  Swimsuit: Torrid.  Necklace: Bo & Betty Sparrow C/O Erstwilder
Swimsuit: Torrid.  Necklace: Bo & Betty Sparrow C/O Erstwilder.  Shoes: Calla C/O Bearpaw

Photo: Horvath Photo.  Dress: Ravishing Lace Wrap Dress C/O Kiyonna.  Brooch: Oak Leaves and Acorns in Rose Gold C/O The Moby Duck
I was thrilled to become a part of the Kiyonna Blogger Brigade.  Kiyonna is one of the very best plus size clothing lines available, I have been a customer and fan of their designs for several years and I cannot wait to review more of their lovely clothing for you!

Location: Anderson & Girl's Orchard in Stanton, Michigan. Photo: Horvath Photo.  Dress: Pinup Girl Clothing.  Accessories: The Moby Duck
I was thrilled to be able to shoot in some of my favorite locations.  I have lived in rural mid-Michigan my entire life spending most of it around these small towns that are beloved to me.  I love the rich history, beautiful surroundings and fabulous local businesses of our area.  Highlighting my Michigan home is a pleasure because I would not live anywhere else on Earth!
Photos: Horvath Photo.  Dress: Marilyn Reproduction Dress C/O Blueberry Hill Fashions
I shot some of my most memorable photos in the beauty of nature with the wonderful Jessica from Horvath Photo.  Jessica and I have a ton of fun running around outside together and I cannot wait to work together on even more projects in the coming year!

Going into 2016, I have great plans for the future of Sassy Scarlet.  I am expanding the scope of my blog in the next year, I will be writing about my travels around my home state of Michigan.  I will be highlighting my favorite towns, businesses, restaurants & more as well as more pinup photoshoot goodness and the vintage fashion you love.  2015 has been a wonderful year, I cannot wait to carry this positive momentum into 2016!!  Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas elegance! Blueberry Hill Fashions Santa Baby Dress Review

I had a magical Holiday season!  I enjoyed time spent with family, fun with friends, ate good food and received some fabulous gifts that I cannot wait to share and review.  I had a ton of fun choosing my outfits for the holiday season and I will be reviewing several of the pieces this week.  I like to mix unique one of a kind vintage pieces with new items to create a look all my own.  I spent a lot of time combing my favorite local antique shops for kitschy Christmas items to give my wardrobe flare.

Vintage Brooches and Earrings found at The Intersection, my favorite local antique store!
 I found several Christmas brooches,  pretty earrings and a fabulous poinsettia embellished net apron that was begging to be worn!  We are a one income family so I cannot spend a lot on the things that I wear but I manage pinup on a budget.  My secret: I save for good base pieces and my favorites, then, I search local thrift and antique stores to accessorize.

The Santa Baby Dress from Blueberry Hill Fashions is an adorable red strapless swing dress with white piping detail.  The color is slightly darker than crimson red, which is flattering on most skin tones.  Made from a sturdy weight Polyester material that has a light amount of stretch, Santa Baby is a flattering dress with lovely fit.  I am wearing a size 20 and I feel that it is just the right fit.  I generally avoid strapless dresses and honestly have never worn one in a winter ensemble before but I have been growing in my personal style and wanted to try it!  

 Photos: Renee Ricket Photography
Location: Julie's Salon in Edmore, Michigan
Makeup and Hair by Sassy Scarlet
Cosmetics: Physician's Formula 

This was a step outside my comfort zone however, the dress looked lovely!  It was also pretty paired with a white cardigan, I liked having a bit more coverage when at our family Christmas Party.  I feel that the sturdy material and construction of the dress make it stay put a bit better on me than other strapless dresses.  The bodice is lined so it has some shaping and structure, even a busty gal like me can wear it with confidence! 
A cardigan makes things a bit more casual.
I love the flattering shape, the bodice tapers to a wide waistband and a generous full circle skirt.  I am wearing a vintage 120 yard cream petticoat underneath, giving the skirt a lovely graceful bell shape that made me feel like a Christmas Fairy Princess, but the full circle skirt makes a nice swish even without a petticoat underneath.  The Emerald Green Plus Tights from We Love Colors were the perfect compliment to the outfit giving a delightfully Christmas pop of green.  Tights are a comfortable, cute and affordable way to take your summer dresses into the colder months as well as adding a fun pop of color to your outfits, I will be reviewing We Love Colors Tights this week as well, stay tuned! 
I love this ensemble so much, I felt beautiful and elegant!!
Santa Baby is perfect for holiday looks but us also a fabulous base for many pinup ensembles.  This dress will be a staple in my wardrobe!  I will be wearing it in nautical inspired looks this coming summer and I really look forward to all of the fun outfits, I will be able to put together with this gloriously versatile dress!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tuesday Treasures: A Very Vintage Christmas!

Christmas already!!??  It's hard to believe that this year is nearly over, it went so fast!!  I had a whirlwind year of adventures that made time simply fly by, so here we are two days from Christmas, my favorite holiday of the year!  I have fond memories of the magic and warmth of Christmas.  Decorations, memorable childhood gifts and the presence of loved ones, many of whom have now passed away.  We spent a lot of time at my Grandparents home when I was a child and this shaped my taste in Christmas decor.  Many of the decorations that my Grandparents had were mid century decor from the 50's and 60's.  This developed in me a love for the unique, kitschy and bright however I also love shabby chic, victorian and art nouveau decor in my home so our house and our Christmas decor is an eclectic mix of styles from many eras.  Today's Tuesday Treasures blog is a virtual Christmas tour through my home highlighting my favorite pieces of Christmas decor from all time periods.  Each piece has a story, where I found it, why it has meaning to me and of course the actual history of the item itself.  Enjoy!

 Here is our Living Room decked out for Christmas.  We have two Christmas trees because I just cannot fit all of my Christmas spirit on one!  We have a 6 foot artificial pine and an Aluminum pom pom sparkler tree.  Both trees are filled with ornaments that have meaning to us, we try to collect an ornament each year but honestly we end up with many more than that as we both love antiques and searching through the stores together is something we can spend hours together doing, I love it!  I adore sitting here by the trees and our little faux fireplace wrapped in my furry blanket relaxing with a hot cup of cocoa.  I love interesting things and when they all have memories it makes a home happy indeed, so I have little touches of Christmas in every room!

 My Favorite thing on our large tree are these Vintage Celluloid Icicles-circa 1950's. I am lucky to have eleven of these pretty celluloid icicles that were my Grandmother's, they give an outdoorsy touch.  I love the magic that they lend to our tree which is decorated with cream, gold, and silver.  All sorts of whimsical ornaments, red birds, stars and fanciful things that make my heart soar!

 Vintage "Sputnik" Ornament circa 1950's.  Everything space was huge in the 50's, so these sputnik ornaments are the cutest in mid century kitsch.  I love how it sparkles!  I am definitely going to be on the lookout for more, we found this while browsing the local antique mall and both fell in love!

Our Christmas Tree holds pieces of our lives and memories from each Christmas we have spent together.  It has been a tradition since our very first Christmas as a couple in 1998 to listen to the Celine Dion- These Are The Special Times Christmas CD while decorating the tree and I love the conversations that always go along with it!  I have tried to uphold these traditions and have added more along the way as we became a family in 2000 and as our son Lennon has grown, Christmas has always been a magical time in our household!!

The Sparkler Aluminum Pom Pom Christmas Tree-Circa 1966.  My Uncle purchased this tree shortly before he left for the Vietnam War, somewhere over the years it ended up in my Grandmother's annex storage, when I was 16 I wanted to deck my bedroom for the holidays and asked my Grandma for a Christmas tree, thus the Sparkler became mine. 
I LOVE this tree, its so eclectic and fun, I love putting colorful mercury glass ornaments on it and I am always seeking new pretties for my vintage tree.  I found the multicolored starburst cover lights at a local thrift shop and they add lovely colors but I am going to invest in a color wheel for next Christmas, so I can have the true retro effect!

 Lefton December Angel-Circa 1950's.  My Grandmother had many of these Lefton angels when I was little.  I will always remember when she finally gave me her April Angel, because that is my birthday month and because she made me wait until I was old enough to care for such a delicate figurine.  I found December at my favorite local antique store and she won my heart with her pretty poinsettias and golden halo, I knew she would look perfect sitting with my photos of Grandma and Grandpa.

Keeping watch over the living room on our fireplace mantel are these Christmas Elf Vases-Circa 1960's.  My Mom found these guys at Goodwill, the kitsch lover in me squealed.  I knew I had to have them but I will admit, they are a slight bit creepy but a lot of great retro Christmas decor is!  These "Creepy Elvis Twins" adorn each side of our fireplace mantel every Christmas on their matching plastic poinsettia doilies, that I picked up at a local thrift store for 25 cents!  The cutesy little Christmas Mice are from the 60s and were in a box of awesome retro Christmas decor given to me when I was a teen, by my Mom's best friend.

 Antique Santa Plate-Age Unknown.  Another Goodwill find, this antique Santa plate is something I found our very first Christmas married in 1998 and I knew that I had to have it for serving Christmas cookies!

Vintage Santa Circa Early 1900's.  Gift from the sweet Inge, owner of my favorite local antique shop.
Vintage Santa Night Light-Age Unknown.  Found at our local antique mall.
 Antique Santa figures are something that I have just recently become interested in adding to my collection.  It all started with Warren.  I met Warren at church during a very hard time in my life, we were both needing companionship and formed a father/daughter like bond that blessed us both greatly.  He was 84 years old at the time, a big sturdy gentleman with a heart of gold, warm firm hugs and a mischievous twinkle in his eye.  We bonded instantly because I loved hearing his tales of days gone by, I heard about the adventures he had experienced his time in the service during the WWII Era, he reminisced about his beloved late wife and he shared the wisdom learned in a long life.  We were blessed to have Warren as a guest at our home last Christmas and he brought with him a gift, an Antique German Santa Claus Figurine dating from the late 1800's. I cherish this Santa and he stays out year round in memory of Warren, who sadly passed away in the summer of this year.  I began researching and picking up cute vintage Santa's as a result of this gift and the fond memories it gives me.  I love how each person touches our lives and leaves their fingerprints!

Grandma's Christmas Trees!  These two trees are both very thrilling additions to our Christmas decor collection and both were found after hunting for a good deal but it is always worth holding off to find just the right item for you when buying vintage! 
The St. Nick Christmas Tree by Arthur Hahn Company-Circa 1950's  was a decoration my Grandmother Beatrice always had in her kitchen at Christmas.  I remember this cute little bottle brush tree lit with its bright pastel lights gleaming from the heavily snow flocked white branches, it always evoked visions of magic in my young mind.  My Grandmother's original tree was sadly destroyed but I went searching and found this one on E-bay that is an exact replica of Grandma's.  I have had it for about 10 years now and unfortunately the vintage lights stopped working but it's still lovely.  It brings back an exact vision in my head of my beloved Grandparents kitchen!! 

This handmade Green Ceramic Christmas Tree-Circa 1960's, is the newest addition to our collection and my big Christmas gift from my husband this year!  I remember the Green Ceramic Tree that was in the home of my Grandma Marvin, who lived on Horseshoe Lake just around the corner from my Mother's Parents home on Lake Montcalm.  I grew up in a small picturesque rural area with lush forests, wildlife and clusters of picturesque lakes, the natural beauty of Michigan is breathtaking.  It was so fun when I was a kid to be able to walk from Grandma to Grandma to get spoiled by both and it also turned me into an old soul, as I was influenced by a different generation, this translated into my vintage tastes as an adult.  Grandma Marvin always had her big Green Ceramic Christmas Tree as the centerpiece of her kitchen table.  I remember trying so hard to sleep on Christmas Eve, when I was about 6 or 7 years old.  I remember staring at the pretty colored lights from the tree trying, in vain, to lull my excitement!! My husband Kevin and I have been looking for a ceramic tree for several years, we were lucky to win this one in an auction at a local antique mall and I am still in a bit of disbelief that after years of searching it's finally ours!  Christmastimes when I was a little girl were always a treat because we could start the morning at Grandma and Grandpa's opening gifts there and then go just around the corner to open more at Grandma Marvin's or vice versa, I loved having my Grandparents close and their vintage tastes influence me to this day!

I love having little touches of Christmas all over the house.  I picked up these cute plastic candle rings circa the 1960's at our local antique mall to add a little touch of nature. 

 I hope you have enjoyed this little peek into our home at Christmastime.  What is your favorite piece of Christmas Decor in your collection?  Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for tons of Christmas fun to come!