Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wishful Wednesday!!

It has been very busy for me since last weeks photoshoot and is not slowing  down anytime soon!  I'm preparing for our first official Michigan Pinups for Patriots event tomorrow in Grand Rapids, then I will be going back to Jackson to have fun with Put A Smile In It Photography at their Pinup Picnic event on Sunday, so my bedroom looks like a tornado hit between planning and packing for both!  It feels good to be busy again though.  I look forward to summer in Michigan because there is so much to be done!  Michigan has much natural beauty, many fun festivals and gorgeous locations to be explored, you cannot possibly get bored.  I'm looking forward to adventuring this summer and have plans to shoot on the beaches of Lake Michigan, at antique car shows, in amazing vintage locales and wandering in flower laden botanic gardens.  I'm wistful and ready for summer, long hot days full of fun and friends.  Today's outfit is perfect for cool fun in the summer sun!

We all scream for ice cream!!  It's my favorite summer treat, the perfect way to cool off on a hot day, available in every shape, flavor and color, your ice cream choice is every bit as unique as you are.  That's why I adore this cute Flavor Fave dress from Modcloth.  It screams summer, I imagine walking around in a beachside town, browsing shops and enjoying an ice cream cone while walking on the pier at sunset.  The pistacio hued dress has pastel ice cream cones, a sweetheart neckline and cute white trim, pretty pastels look super chill on a warm day.  It has a boned bodice for shaping with a full skirt, creating a very feminine silhouette.  Another great feature is adjustable straps, as a petite girl who often has to pin or alter straps because they are just too long I prefer adjustable straps, having to fix a brand new dress to fit is my biggest pet peeve!  The straps also allow you the option of a cute criss cross back.  I love Modcloth's philosophy that all fashion is vintage inspired in some way, their varied selection and I am even more impressed that they carry many of their items in sizes from xs-4x.  I believe every woman deserves stylish clothing available in her size!!

While looking for accessories I used Google, I searched for the perfect ice cream fascinator.  I found the fabulous Pearls and Swine, they specialize in pop surreal millinery: hats, half masks, fascinators and avant-garde hair accessories for people who really want to get noticed.  That is exactly what I was looking for, a bold noticeable accessory.  I love this Ice Cream Hair clip from their Etsy shop.  The colors are a perfect match for this dress and what a yummy conversation piece this is!  Triple scoop ice cream cone made of felt with bead sprinkles and hand stitched accents.  Deliciously girly and creative, it is the perfect matching piece of whimsy and fascination!

I've mentioned before that I'm just starting my love affair with shoes.  I was born with clubbed feet, therefore I have wide feet, weak ankles and support issues.  Because it was hard to find shoes that are cute and supportive for many years I only wore plain shoes, no heels, nothing interesting, but lately I've grown sick of plain shoes so I've been looking for shoes that strike me, that make a statement!  I noticed John Fluevog shoes on Facebook first, they stand out because of their vintage sensibilities, interesting design elements and fabulous high style.  I absolutely love the Queen Transcendent Nefertiti, these shoes are amazing!!   Pink and black Polido leather gives a timeless antique feel, braided ankle straps, a slight platform, with aqua accents and the incredibly unique ball and claw heel, based on the legs of antique furniture.  They remind me of neopolitan ice cream, perfect to both match and add contrast to this outfit with the black trim.  Unique shoes are a must for me and the Queen Transcendent Nefertiti are incomparable!

What woman doesn't love a gorgeous purse?  They're a functional fashion statement and can make or break your outfit.  I personally keep half of my life with me in my purse.  I always try to chose a bag that I will love well also because of budget constraints I try to make a choice that will remain fashionable and well made enough to last several years.  Lux de Ville are created for women who love fashion.  Vintage sparkle with a punk rock edge and just the right finishing touch.  I chose the Bon Voyage kiss lock in black and baby green sparkle.  The fabulous sparkle baby green diamond patterned body matches this outfit while the black accent echoes the black on the shoes and adds a bit of interesting contrast, a little edge to all of the pastel colors.  The bag is also large enough to bring plenty of pinup essentials making it the perfect finishing touch!

Coming Friday: All about my first official Michigan Pinups for Patriots event!!!  Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Vivien of Holloway Grace review and photoshoot fun with Put A Smile In It Photography!!

Blogging has been such an amazing journey.  I've been so blessed to meet amazing people from all over the world and have discovered so many beautiful vintage style brands that cater to all sizes, the retro loving community is at the forefront of the body positivity movement, embracing that people of all sizes should be able to wear fashionable clothing.  Style has no size!   I feel humbled and extremely flattered to be able to share this journey with you, to get to know new people, each new friend opens up a new universe of personality and possibility in your life.  I've struggled my entire life with self worth, believing for so long the lie that attaining a certain size instantly equaled beauty and peace.  Your worth is defined by so much more than your size, age, race, sexual preference, gender identity, personality or anything else that we are told we should change to make us suddenly desirable or accepted.  I've found peace after years of pain not through weight loss, diets, self help books or self critical words but through each and every person I've been blessed to meet.  By building one another up we not only bless others but we also heal ourselves, so I want to thank each and everyone of you for your kind words and all of your support!

  I'm so thrilled to have my first blog collaboration with the incomparable Vivien of Holloway.

  Vivien of Holloway has an amazing selection of vintage style clothing from high fashion dresses to trousers and crop tops, everything to outfit the fashionable vintage girl.  I'm smitten!!

I was sent the Grace dress with Silver lace bust to wear and review.  What a classy, sophisticated design!  Timeless styling and curve hugging lines.  I am wearing a UK size 22 and I found the measurements to be just as stated, it fits beautifully.  The wrap top flatters my bust without being too revealing, the dress nips in to accentuate at the waist and flares out into an enormous circle skirt but does not overwhelm my frame, some dresses can as a petite women.  I wore a 120 yard petticoat underneath for volume but the skirt drapes in lovely fashion even without a petticoat.  I would love to wear two petticoats under this dress to emphasize the gorgeous circle skirt plus it would be fun to play with bright colors under the monochromatic dress.  The cotton sateen material is heavy with just enough stretch to make the garment fit beautifully but comfortably.  The silver lace bodice is a lovely floral pattern that sets off the deep black perfectly.  I felt like a princess in this dress.  I cannot wait to wear it to my first Michigan Pinups for Patriots veterans gala event.  Grace is perfect for events where you need to look glamorous but also need to be comfortable and functional.  Perfect for the hostess of a black tie gala or a casual garden party, Grace comes in a large variety of colors and patterns making it the perfect dress, I want to own it in multiple colorways. 

 I had so much fun shooting with Put A Smile In It Photography in their fabulous vintage living room set. Dress: Grace in silver lace bust courtesy of Vivien of Holloway, Makeup and hair by Kara Summers.

I apologize for the lack of Wishful Wednesday blog yesterday and rest assured it will be back next week!  I was busy traveling and enjoying a fun retro styled shoot with Brandy at Put A Smile In It Photography, it was a phenomenal day!!  Located in Jackson, Michigan, Put A Smile In It is a labor of pinup love.  Owner Brandy Chase has a passion for vintage style, she has done pinup modeling in front of the camera as well, so she has a model's experience to go with her incredible photographic eye this makes for a perfect combo!  The studio includes vintage living room set, boudoir dressing room and paper background sets for a variety of fun images.  The sets are fantastic!  Period furniture, lamps and electronics compliment the lovely green walls, details such as curtains made from vintage material, kitschy knick knacks all arranged to showcase the beauty of the surroundings, flatter the model and virtually tranport you back in time.   The possibilities are endless with a wide selection of props, choosing your favorite swingin' 50s album, gossiping on the telephone, daydreaming while an episode of I Love Lucy plays on television or vacuuming with the cutest working 1953 Kirby vacuum cleaner.  I had fun playing with everything including a giant tiki head and hanging some laundry out to dry on the super adorable clothesline set.  A perfect escape for a work at home mom, I enjoyed a getaway day for my birthday shooting and laughing with Brandy, who is one of the sweetest people I've met.  Put A Smile In It Photography is extremely professional and affordable, I cannot recommend them highly enough.  I look forward to shooting with Brandy again in the near future at the Pinup Picnic shoot on May 3!! Put A Smile In It Photography is also on Facebook, like her page and follow to see their latest shoots and upcoming events!! 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday musings and Bearpaw Scarlet Review

The beautiful spring weather has given way to rain today.  I love the rain but its tough to stay inside when I have so much pent up energy! They're predicting snow possible on my birthday Tuesday but I'll celebrate anyways!!  I'm extremely excited for my upcoming shoot with Put A Smile In It Photography on Wednesday.  I haven't shot since December so I'm anxios to make some beautiful art.  It's funny how no matter how many times I'm in front of the camera, I always feel like its the first time.  I'm anxious and jittery, always a bit unsure but once I get in front of the camera it all seems far away, I absolutely cannot wait!  I have been in prep mode readying my vintage hats, going through accessories, picking the perfect shoes to match the beautiful dresses from Vivien of Holloway, Hell Bunny, Lindy Bop etc. that I have the privilege to review and wear in fun, creative retro shoots.  I am also thrilled to collaborate with Brandy at Put A Smile In It because she is a sweet supportive person with a gorgeous vintage studio and an amazing artistic eye.  Bring it on!!  This is going to be such a fantastic adventure!!!

I adore history, I'm fascinated with bygone eras, fashion, customs and faces.  I took up genealogy because I wanted to know our family history.  I spend a lot of my free time pursuing my hobby of genealogy as our family history has not been well documented.  This often means long walks through acres of cemeteries searching for relatives tombs, clues or just history to solve genealogical mysteries.  I've been working on my family tree for a little over two years and have traced some branches to the 1500s.  I'm thrilled that spring is here and with it the opportunity to get out in my community and find more about my ancestors amazing stories.  My ancestors have gone from only names on paper to fascinating people with interesting, triumphant and sometimes tragic stories.  I'm lucky to have four generations of family from our local area and have used the internet to fill in history beyond that. There are many free websites and applications to use for records and research, it is a very rewarding hobby.  Ancestry and Family Search offer free family tree builders on their website alpng with huge records databases searchable for subscription fees however many local libraries have an Ancestry library subscription you can use to access records and research if you cannot afford the fees.  It's been such a pleasure to not only learn about our local history but to teach my son too!  I'm looking forward in the future to putting together and teaching a class on our area history to local homeschool students.
Because I do a lot of walking I'm always looking for practical and comfortable shoes.  I was thrilled when I saw the Scarlet moccasins in the Bearpaw spring line because first, I've always loved a cute, comfy pair of mocs and second because I am Sassy SCARLET, perfect!!  I like to wear moccasins with jeans, cute hippie dresses or just puttering around the house, They're very versatile.  The Scarlet moccasins are buttery soft suede with fringe toe detail, a cute tie and driving moc soles. 

The wonderful thing about Scarlet (and honestly all Bearpaws I've tried) is that they fit beautifully, I walked nearly two hours around our local park and cemetery in my Scarlet mocs, no back of the ankle rubbing, chafing or sore feet. The tread is good for indoor or outdoor wear and very good for walking, although I would not recommend them on a wet day or for trekking through rough woods.  I love their stylish simplicity.  Scarlet have become my fave casual shoe of the moment, they're rarely off my feet!!  I cannot help but gush over how much I love Bearpaw, they make a great variety of amazing quality, super stylish footwear for a great price!  I'm blessed to be a proud brand ambassador for them but I have been a huge Bearpaw fan and customer for years.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wishful Wednesday!

It's Wednesday again!!  I apologize for my lack of blogs in the last week.  Our family has really been struggling to stay well and unfortunately were hit with another bug.  The weather had been fluctuating rather wildly and this does not help our immunity.  It seems as if our weather has finally made a decision, it is finally warm and sunny and there are flowers coming up all around our yard.  I've been thinking a lot about casual wear outfits for spring and summer daily wear.  While I'm generally a dress girl, I've had my eye out for seperates that will add some mix and match variety to my wardrobe.  This week's look is an easy breezy casual sunny day look.  Great for everyday wear at home, running errands around town and picnicking or a fun afternoon outing with the family.

The Oblong Box Shop has just released their Palm Springs Swing skirt line inspired by the architecture of Palm Sprins and the Tiki life.  Available in a variety of unique novelty print patterns custom designed by Denialle Von Fitch, these skirts are medium weight polyester full circle skirts that use over 2 yards of material for the classic 1950s silhouette.  I chose the Mid Century House print with its kitschy atomic house print, boomerang pools, bright astro turf green background and salmon accents it is eye catching and a lot of fun.   The skirt is large enough to be full on its own or you can add a petticoat for extra flair.  I would pair this skirt with a simple black top to make the skirt the central statement piece of this outfit.  Their criss cross sweetheart pin-up top is the perfect compliment to this skirt.  The sweetheart neckline with twist accent, gathered material and criss cross straps make this a great retro styled wardrobe staple that can be worn with a printed skirt or a cute pair of bright capri pants.  I've been trying to add wardrobe staples like these to my closet and plan to add a a criss cross top and Palm Springs Swing skirt (or several!!) to my closet as soon as possible!!

Match Accessories is a fabulous handmade line of accessories inspired by a love of 40s, 50s and 60s fashion.  They offer a variety of unique and beautiful vintage inspired pieces including their gorgeous Sparklite.  I would wear their Hand Carved Teardrop Sparklite brooch in white with this.  The star motif matches atomic accents on the skirt and the white sparklite will stand out of the black criss cross top.  I would also wear their Hand Carved Teardrop Sparklite earrings in white to match, I love to match my accessories but I also often use them to draw attention to accent colors in whimsical prints such as this skirt.

I love Bearpaw!!  I've been a Bearpaw brand ambassador since February.  Every pair I have recieved is perfectly stylish, comfortable for walking and fit great.  Since I began working with them in einter I have only reviewed boots thus far so I have been dying to get my hands on their new spring line of colorful sandals, cute moccasins and adorable wedges.  I would wear my personal favorite from the spring line, the Flora wedge in white to finish this look.  I have a tendancy towards clumsiness so I prefer wedges for every day ease, they give me the boost in height I want without worry of falling over or tripping on things.  These wedges with their soft faux leather straps and jute wedge will keep you looking stylish but give the comfort of wearing flats.  I have yet to find a pair of paws that I do not absolutely love wearing!!  Thank you Bearpaw!

I love writing these blogs and sharing my thoughts.  I have been enjoying the planning and window shopping that I do in the days leading up to my posts.  This spring and summer I have so much planned.  It seems it's all just a waiting game at the moment but my dresses are chosen and I'm planning a pinup shoot next week.  It's been a very long time since my last shoot in December and so much has happened, it seems like years, not months, have gone by.  I am excited to get out there in front of the camera again, I will enjoy another fun summer season of photo shoots in many exciting locations and skipping around looking lovely in beautiful dresses.  I'm very much looking forward to our Michigan Pinups for Patriots events and will be writing my impressions and posting many photos from those as well.  Follow me on Facebook or Instagram for more fun! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wishful Wednesday!!

April showers bring May flowers!!  It's a chilly rainy morning, perfect for reading a good book and getting some work done.  I'm thrilled to be working not only on writing my blog but embarking on an exciting journey by becoming a work at home mother.  I will be writing and advocating for important Michigan environmental health issues.  I love nature and am very concerned with it's health so for me its a perfect mission to work toward bettering our future.  I love my home state of Michigan, winter is tough but when Michigan comes alive it's a breathtaking place of amazing natural beauty. I'm looking forward to the blooms of spring and have big plans for photoshoots in flowering orchards and along the picturesque shores of Lake Michigan.  Today's Wishful Wednesday is wistful thoughts of summer days and roses in bloom!! 

Roses are my favorite flower.  They evoke cherished memories of my childhood and gardening with my grandmother.  I love their delightful colors, layers of frilly petals and sweet, lingering fragrance.  When I discovered Hot Chocolate shoes I noticed originality, their designs blend art and concept in limited edition footwear.  While they have many crazy cool shoes, I was drawn to these Double Topping Emma heels immediately, I fell in love with their unique feminine style and rose print.  I adore the bright sky blue contrasting with the beautiful multicolored roses and the fanciful scalloped gold trim in front makes these shoes stand out for me, they are so very unique.  They are the inspiration and the focal point of this weeks outfit.  I usually am more of a dress lover but these shoes are so interesting they will definitely draw the eye and I believe they would be just as adorable worn with jeans.

Lindy Bop is among my favorite vintage clothing companies.  They have an amazing selection of clothing, dresses, skirts, petticoats all in beautiful vibrant patterns, colors and perfectly retro styled.  They are made from high quality materials and cut to fit very well.  I own the Ophelia dress in turquoise floral and the Carola halter dress in summer meadow floral, both are gorgeous! 

I would pair the Double Topping Emma shoes with this bold Lindy Bop Ethel dress in Coral.  The shoes have a vibrant print so a plain dress will make them stand out in this outfit.  The Ethel is a beautiful style, textured material, a boat neckline with gathered bodice, adjustable tie details at the shoulder and fitted wide waistband above a flaring circle skirt.  I would wear Lindy Bops white petticoat under for volume and feminine detail.

Daisy Jean Floral Designs are glorious!  They are designed by an Aussie Pinup girl with beautiful Pinup perfect style in mind.  Beautiful flowers for beautiful women.  I would wear this lovely pastel princess rose piece.  I love the large double roses in cream and with just a blush of color to match the blush color on the shoes.  I just do not feel perfectly finished until I'm wearing a flower in my hair!!

Cheap Frills from the U.K. have beautiful and charming designs.  They combine modern pieces with the classic beauty of Grandma's jewelry box and their items are hand assembled.  I love their In Bloom necklace.  The gold swallows hold a  bouquet of resin roses that echo the rose pattern and gold trim on the shoes.  I love the whimsical feel of golden birds in flight festooning my neck with a wreath of roses.  I'm very much into frippery and girly detail but as a work at home mom budget is key so I adore Cheap Frills fanciful designs and reasonable price tag!

I hope you enjoy my whimsy, I absolutely adore putting together these Wishful Wednesday outfits.  I'm a daydreamer at heart, join me for more fun on my Facebook page!!  Have a lovely day!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Rowena/Retroglam and Hell Bunny Black Dahlia review

Good morning!  I'm sitting here enjoying the sounds and smells of our first spring rain storm.  I love the rain!!  When I was a little girl, my grandparents had a covered porch so we would sit underneath it enjoying rain and thunderstorms, so for me the rain brings back fond memories.  It's been a beautiful week here in Michigan, spring came upon us fast, suddenly birds are singing, the crocus are in bloom and the trees are budding.  It had seemed like winter would never let go!  I'm excited to get outside, I really enjoy being out in nature.  It also means outdoor pinup shoots!  I have some great shoots coming up with Renee Ricket Photography and Put A Smile In It Photography, we've been brainstorming while waiting for Michigan's weather to cooperate and we have some epic shoots planned!! 

Spring means it's dress weather!!  I was fortunate enough to win a $100 gift card in a Facebook contest from Rowena/Retroglam, a fabulous Canadian vintage glam store with an amazing selection.  Cosmetics to Coffee mugs and absolutely everything to fulfill a pinup and retro loving girls dreams. First of all, I'm impressed with a company that is so generous, they have a giveaway going almost all the time on their Facebook page.  Second,  I have to gush over their customer service!!  I actually won this gift card back in November of last year but Facebook messenger on the mobile app does show messages that are placed in your "others" folder.  I found this out from a friend and checked my others folder finally, inside was the message from Rowena/Retroglam saying I had won.  I was very upset because I had missed this message through no fault of mine, so I messaged their customer service.  They were kind and decided to honor the $100 gift card I had won.  Their selection is phenomenal, Pinup Girl Clothing, Heart of Haute, Hearts and Roses, Hell Bunny, Besame Cosmetics they have all of my favorite brand names and even more I had not heard of, this was a very hard choice.  It took me nearly three days to choose but in the end I had been eyeing the Hell Bunny Black Dahlia dress for months so that was an easy choice.  I had enough left to choose a second dress and I was immediately drawn to the Hell Bunny Eloise dress, its a completely different style from amything else I own and the dragonfly print is whimsical, reminiscent of summer.  The Eloise is a 40s style and I generally go for 50s swing styles but I loved the style so I decided to go for it.  I paid shipping and then the wait was on.  It is always a rather long wait for international packages so it took 20 days to get to me from Edmonton, Canada, that is no fault of the company, customs is just slow!  Both of my dresses arrived in perfect condition and were packaged beautifully, wrapped in tissue paper with a handwritten note saying who had packed them.  I love these little touches that say a company cares about their customer's happiness.  I highly recommend Rowena/Retroglam!  Great selection, friendly customer service, high quality merchandise and generous Facebook giveaways.  Thank you Rowena/Retroglam!!!

Hell Bunny is one of my favorite companies!!  Their dresses are gorgeous, stylish and fit my figure like a dream.  I love the variety of vintage era styles they produce and the lovely print materials and detailed designs they offer.   I decided to buy two Hell Bunny dresses because I had worn them in previous photoshoots and knew their size 2x fits me like it was made just for me. 

Sizing is so wildly different from brand to brand so when I find a company that I know fits me, I will lean toward purchasing their dresses because my figure is not easy to fit and I hate having to make returns.  My waist and hip have a 15 inch difference that makes finding a good fit a nightmare!!  I chose two completely different styles, the 50s housewife style Black Dahlia dress and the 40s day style Eloise dress.  Both fit perfectly, Hell Bunny really knows how women are shaped, the cut hugs all of the right places to enhance my hourglass shape and the materials are flattering not clingy.  I wore the Black Dahlia dress to church and recieved tons of compliments.  The black is crisp, the floral print is bright with shades of pink on the flowers, green leaves, cream and a hint of yellow that I decided to play up by wearing a bright yellow Malco Modes Jennifer petticoat as a contrast.  I will wear a much larger petticoat for photoshoots in this dress, the skirt is a generously full circle so I can go petticoat crazy!!  I felt gorgeous in this dress.  The wrap style neckline is flattering but not to revealing with button details on each side and a picture collar, the belt underneath of the bust, narrows the silhouette and draws attention to your waistline.  The skirt flares out and looks lovely with or without a petticoat, I prefer with, but there are times when it may not be practical.  The website recommended to order a size down on this dress but I do not agree, it fits me just right and the material does not have much stretch.  I went by measurements and I think their 2x runs true to size, I've loved every Hell Bunny style I've worn, I have worn a 1x for a shoot but it is a bit tighter than I prefer for ease of wear.  This is a candid shot taken at church but I love this dress so I will be wearing it in a pinup shoot as soon as possible!!!

I will be wearing my Eloise dress on Easter Sunday.  I plan to post photos and thoughts about it then but I did try it on and am happy to say Hell Bunny has not yet made a dress that disappoints me!!  What is your favorite Hell Bunny dress? 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wishful Wednesday!!

Oh! What a beautiful morning!!  The sun is shining and the sky is blue!  It's an absolutely lovely morning outside, the breeze feels like spring has at long last arrived here in Michigan.  I apologize that I haven't been blogging much lately, I've been trying to get rid of the last of a nasty sinus infection that laid me pretty low,  the weather has just not played nice this year.  Being sick paired with the lingering cold weather has made me desperately crave being outside!  I imagine walking in the woods, warm perfumed breezes through green leafed trees, flowers abloom and coming to a bridge over a glittering stream, nature brings me such serenity.  Today's Wishful Wednesday is my summer dream, a perfect day's walk in the park.

Bernie Dexter is a modern pinup icon and she has used her knowledge of vintage fashion to design an amazing line of clothing!  While actual vintage garments are beautiful they can be very fragile, Bernie Dexter dresses were created to give you vintage style with the peace of mind that comes with a brand new garment, noone wants the tragedy of a ripped dress!! I adore the one of a kind eye catching prints, stylish, flattering cuts and wide range of sizes Bernie Dexter offers.  I chose her Veronique dress in Serenity Bridge print.  It is a whimsical summer day perfectly captured!!  It brings to mind a sunny, warm day wandering through a garden, green leaves flutter, dancing waters cascade under the serenity bridge and fragrant blossoms float in the breeze on this gorgeous creation.  A pictureque neckline, capped sleeves with pleated shoulder details, a white belt at the waist for emphasis and a full circle skirt complete the look.  Perfect for strolling in the park or picnicking with your love!

I'm smitten with Vivien of Holloway!  They offer everything to outfit you perfectly in vintage style from head to toe.  I chose their sky blue petticoat to continue the blue water on the skirt with ripples of blue ruffles. Vivien of Holloway petticoats are gorgeous, well made and very full. I love the way I feel swirling around in a beautiful dress with a ruffly petticoat underneath, ethereal and graceful.  The perfect vintage finishing touch, petticoats add femininity and charm to your outfit while also protecting your modesty.

I love the kitschy, fruity, plastic jewelry of the 50s era so I was thrilled when I found Luxulite.  Luxulite brings the style of the 50s lucite jewelry back without the price tag.   Their items are unique and handmade, because they are handmade, each is a one of a kind piece of wearable art.  I love this Buttermilk confetti and hot pink cherry lucite style brooch.  The bright pink cherries contrast with the leafy green bodice and accent the pink flowers dancing throughout the print of the skirt.  Absolute vintage perfection!!

Miss L Fire's line of designs evoke the Golden age of fashion, they are high quality, beautifully detailed, limited edition shoes that add the perfect vintage detail to any outfit.  They are unique without being crazy, lovely and practical.  I chose the Betty suede heels in green to complete this look.  The bold, bright green of the shoes match the green of the dress with accent there is a meandering stream of blue stitching on the toe that perfectly echoes the cascading waters of the skirt, these would add a pop of fun contrast under the waterfall of ruffly blue petticoat.

I hope you have been enjoying my blog as much as I enjoy writing it for you.  You can also follow Sassy Scarlet on Facebook and Instagram for a lot more fun content and pictures.  Later this evening I will be posting my review of Retroglam, the fabulous Canadian web store that offers all of your pinup needs, from coffee mugs to crinoline.  I was lucky enough to win a $100 gift card in a contest on their Facebook page and used it to purchase two Hell Bunny dresses I had been dying to get my hands on!!  I am also pleased to announce that very soon I will be collaborating with Put A Smile In It Photography!  We have been brainstorming together and have some absolutely epic photoshoots planned, I cannot wait to share!!!!!  Have a glorious day!!!