Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lindy Bop review!

I'm a fool for vintage!!  Vintage hats, jewelry, scarves, home decor, television,  movies, music, if its vintage I love it.  I've always wanted to wear vintage clothing but its difficult to find vintage clothing in larger sizes.  I'm not an easy lady to fit.  I'm very curvy, 42 inch bust, 37 inch waist and 53 inch hips, so finding a perfect fit is always a big battle for me. I began researching where to buy.

I started seeing ads on Facebook for vintage clothing companies.  I found Lindy Bop and I instantly loved their vast selection, and varied styles.  The Ophelia turquoise floral stuck me immediately.   Turquoise is one of my favorite colors and flatters me well,  easy choice.  Then they advertised the Carola halter dress in red floral and I knew I needed both.  I ordered from Lindy Bop using measurements, it was my first time ordering UK sizes so I was very nervous.  It was a little under $120 U.S. for both dresses including shipment and duty tax. My dresses arrived faster than I expected, about 10 days from the order date.

The Carola
Carola Red and White Floral
I ordered the Carola halter dress in red and white floral print in a size U.K. 20, U.S. 3xl.  I was impressed right away with the material, heavy weight, high quality, the print is vibrant and its a beautiful bright white.  This dress is also fully lined and has light padding in the bust for shape.  I love the fit, like a glove and a very large full circle skirt, the skirt is large enough I wore a 52 yard crinoline underneath for maximum effect.  The print is vibrant and fun and the contrasting red accents on the bust and halter ties give it fun details.  Its fun to wear and flattering.  I recieved nothing but compliments!!  Here is a shot of me from my Airport shoot with Era Exposures

The Ophelia
Ophelia Turquoise Floral
 I couldnt resist the turquoise,  although I love most of the prints in the Ophelia line.  For this dress I also ordered in a U.K. size 20, U.S. 3xl.  The material is amazing on these dresses.  Very high quality compared to other companies I've worn. The prints and color are very vibrant, the material is heavy with just the right bit of stretch to flatter and hug curves.  I love the hidden side pockets on the ophelia, its a great little convenience!  My ophelia was too large in the bust, the panels in the front add breathing room as far as fit.  The sides gaped and straps were baggy so I had to send it back for the next smaller size U.K. 18, U.S. 2xl.  The returns process was easy and effortless.  Turn around was fast and I had my dress back within 15 days.  And perfection!   It hugs all the right places and fits like a dream.   The skirt on the ophelia is not quite as large as the carola but you can still wear a large crinoline underneath.  These dresses can be worn without but I prefer the effect I get and I'm a born skirt swisher so I love how I feel in a dress with crinoline.

 I highly recommend Lindy Bop.  They have many beautiful designs to flatter any body type and cater to any style.  High quality materials, great construction, quality and cut.  Their customer service was great,  friendly with no hassle.  I also love that they generously giveaway dresses on their Facebook page nearly everyday.  I'm smitten!!  ♡♡
Lindy Bop Web
Lindy Bop Facebook

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Just a small town girl....

The last few days have been a whirlwind.  The response to my page has been bigger than I expected,  I'm thrilled and excited to get going with my plans, a new career path and I get to share it with you!  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!

I have many interests but first and foremost I am a wife and mother.  I am a stay at home mother and we are a one income household so I cannot afford to spend a mint on my beauty routine yet I still want to look and feel my best.  In this blog I will go over my beauty tips and some of the products I love.

My biggest beauty tip is the cheapest of them all!!  WATER and lots of it!!!  I drink half my body weight in ounces every day and if I drink coffee or other caffienated beverages, I compensate by drinking more water! I also eat local sourced and organic food as far as possible, staying away from processed and fast foods has had a huge impact on my health.  I believe whole heartedly in vitamins and supplements.  I take biotin, resveratrol, COQ10, spirulina, vitamin c, multivitamins, aloe vera and acidophilus. This keeps me healthy on the inside which translates to less breakouts and stress.  People routinely believe I am 10 years younger than I am, I know this is from the natural changes I have made in my life.

As far as my makeup, I try to stick to natural or organic beauty products as far as possible, this isn't always the case but I have found you can't go wrong with natural!  I purchase online and in health food stores.  I moisturize twice a day, first I use organic aloe vera gel and my preferred moisturizer is NOW wrinkle rescue moisturizer.  I wash my face at night and NEVER sleep with makeup on, this is a sure way to cause breakouts, to keep your skin young and healthy treat it kindly!  I remove my eye makeup with a washcloth and water then use Avalon organics CoQ10 repair facial cleansing milk to wash followed by moisturizing.  On your delicate eye area you should use a moisturizer specifically for the eye area and gently pat it under and around the eyes, never pull or tug!  I've fallen in love with the Skin Effects by Dr  Jeffrey Dover Dual Action under eye therapy, it works wonders!

Makeup.  Here is where I tend to be rather cheap!  I just can't afford to buy everything that I would like so I make due and save by using drugstore brands.  I don't use foundation everyday, it weighs down my sensitive skin.  I use an ELF Kabuki brush and Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Mineral airbrushing pressed powder in translucent light, I contour with Physician's Formula Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls in light bronze pearls and use Milani Runway Eyes in lily white for shimmer.  On cheeks I use a mixture of Maybelline Dream Bouncy in Plum wine and ELF all over face stick in Pink Lemonade, I like to have a natural glow.  On my eyes I use Milani Runway Eyes in lily white as a base and I love the ELF brightening eyecolor quad in Pretty n pink.  On my lashes I use Hard Candy Ginormous Lash mascara with growth serum, this really does make my lashes grow thick and long without any eye irritation.  I don't wear full pinup makeup everyday, its just not realistic but I do love to wear the cat flick quite often. I have watched many tutorials and how tos to learn and believe me practice makes perfect but a great eyeliner pen is my secret.  I use liquid eyeliner in felt tipped pen because I find it goes on smooth and has the precision of an ink pen, less mess, less mistakes!  Hard Candy Stroke of Gorgeous or Physician's Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum both in black.  As far as lips I swear by Burts Bees Beeswax lip balm for a base, it keeps my lips so healthy.  For lipstick, I most often wear Rimmel lasting finish lipstick in Bordeaux,  but I also love ELF moisturizing lipstick in Red Carpet and L'Oreal Colour Riche in Blushing Berry.  I will add step by step makeup tutorials in future blogs.

Hair!!!!  I love my hair, I am blessed with thick, fine wavy hair that thankfully requires little care.  I use Yes To Carrots moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.  A trick I learned to avoid dry hair is to massage your  shampoo into the scalp only, when you rinse the water and suds wash your delicate ends and keep your hair healthier!  After showering, I use a generous amount Frederick Fekkai Olive oil glossing cream, its a miracle.  I wash and condition every other day so as not to over dry my hair, making sure not to strip your hair of all its natural oils is important!  Also NEVER sleep with your hair loose, it damages the hair, a bun or hair clip at night will keep it up which minimizes split ends and breakage.  Simple and healthy is my approach!

I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings.  In my next blog I will review my recent Lindy Bop purchases.  I purchased the Carola halter dress and the Ophelia dress to wear in pinup shoots.  I'll let you know what I think of the style, sizing, material and cut of these dresses, I will also share some of the other clothing, accessories and makeup on my wishlist.  Until next time!  ♡♡

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step...

First post, ok so introductions...I am Sassy Scarlet.  I am an aspiring plus size pinup model, singer, mother and wife.  I love vintage style, music, books, cooking, nature, animals and generally love the joy of living everyday life.  I am a Christian and my belief is what defines the positivity and love you will feel here but I will not push my beliefs on you.  My God has told me I am to love everyone. This means I will not discriminate based on anything.  I have friends of all ages, races, sizes, sexual preferences and religions.  I love people, I have a gift for entertaining and engaging with everyone I meet in a positive way.  My goal is that everyone leaves my presence feeling happier.  However it says Sassy and I am.  I am not a doormat and tell people straight up I will not tolerate abuse, hatred, bullying or negative behavior of any kind here so if hate is your thing, check it at the door or go elsewhere. Agree to disagree and be respectful!

As far as content, I plan to fill this page with verve.  I will share personal stories, my life in pictures and words also I will review products I love, things I want to buy, share recipes, and just have fun!   Life is full of one of a kind experiances and I will not take even one second for granted.   I hope you enjoy my ramblings. ♡♡