Monday, December 14, 2015

Bandelettes Lace Thigh Band Review

Today I am reviewing Bandelettes.  I generally am not comfortable with putting any photographs of myself in any of my underthings or even talking about what I wear under my clothing online at all, unfortunately this tends to invite the wrong type of attention and it will be a rarity that I ever post anything of this nature.  However, I believe that Bandelettes are truly a NECESSITY if you are wearing dresses and I am really excited about this product.  I feel that the photos in my review are both tasteful and necessary to show you how the product fits me, for honest review purposes and I have done this showing as little skin as possible.  That being said, I have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for sexual comments, I am a married woman, a mother and an adult, I will not tolerate any behavior that I deem is disrespectful.  I have had issues in the past or I would not feel this necessary, now onto the review!!

 Bandelettes are a fabulous new concept designed to fight thigh chafing.  Face it, not every girl has a thigh gap, most of us have a spot or two that rub when we walk, this is uncomfortable and can lead to unsightly and painful rashes.  Bandelettes are attractive lace thigh bands that are specifically designed to fight the dreaded thigh rub.  Bandelettes come in several pretty lace patterns, flowery or plain and in a variety of colors so you can have a pair to match every outfit.  Bandelettes are also pretty enough that they can be worn under dresses or worn with shorts to be seen as an accessory.  Bandelettes are for everyone, their lace thigh bands fit thighs from 21 inches up to 32 inches around.  I contacted Bandelettes because I simply HAD to try them and they were kind enough to send me some of their thigh bands to review. 

Black Onyx
Red Romance
 I have been wearing Bandelettes in Beige 1004  in Size E, under my dresses for about six weeks now, this pair has held up surprisingly well with major use as I wear dresses on a daily basis, so they became a part of my dressing ritual.
Beige 1004
It was a bit different at first, I had to get used to having something on my thighs, I generally wear a girdle or a waist cincher for a smooth silhouette but rarely wear anything on my legs.  I admit I was a bit worried about them staying up as in the past even the stay up products specifically designed for plus size women had failed on my thick thighs, I was careful to measure so I would get the right fit.  I am happy to say that Bandelettes in Size E fit great, after a little wear and a couple position adjustments I barely noticed they were there and the non-slip silicone bands kept them up securely without worry. 

  Bandelettes are such a relief, they make things so much more comfortable and now I notice if I forget to put them on for whatever reason (usually because I am perpetually late thus always in a hurry!), I truly mourn the comfort lost.  Getting rid of the friction of skin on skin makes wearing dresses so much more pleasant, thigh rub is just no fun at all and Bandelettes take away all the irritation.

 I have worn my Bandelettes during my daily activities, my first outing was a true test, a shopping trip walking hours around the grocery store and I noticed a huge difference.  The Bandelettes have made a huge difference in my inner thighs cutting down on the "chub rub" which cause a rash on my sensitive skin, the Bandelettes rub against one another and slide without friction which really puts a spring back into my step!!

Beige 1004
Photos: Kevin Herzog  Dress: Blueberry Hill Fashions Marilyn Dress.  Shoes: Rocket Dog (Thrifted)
The pair I have been wearing for six weeks has just started to lose a slight bit of its stick but they still function quite well and they can be washed which I think will revitalize them, however the price is great so you can always have a back up, I have a pair of Beige Onyx that are so pretty, I cannot wait to wear them!  I wanted to wear and test the Bandelettes out for an extended period of time before I wrote this review so I could give you an very honest answer on whether or not I think they are worth buying.  YES, they are, I can say that I am beyond pleased with this amazing invention, I love my Bandelettes, truly I have to ask; Bandelettes, where have you been all my life?!

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