Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April Showers! Rainy day fun with Jileon Wide Calf Wellies!

Michigan is currently experiencing our second winter.  We had a lovely couple weeks of spring weather with April showers on the first of the month, then on the second of April we were hit yet again with snow and ice which has cooled off my spring fever a bit.  Spring is coming but rather slowly this year!

April Fool's Day was gorgeous, 60 degrees and rainy.  I love playing in the rain so this was the perfect opportunity to take my new Jileon Wide Calf Wellies out for some fun.  I have never owned a pair of rain boots before due to the fact that none of them would fit my large calves.  I was tickled pink to discover Jileon, who make Rain Boots or Wellies, that fit calves up to 21 inches!!  Jileon were kind enough to send me a pair of their gorgeous boots to try out for the blog.

I fell in love immediately with these boots!!  Birds are one of my favorite things so I adore this whimsical print with multi-colored birds flying about the brown background.  The boots are not only adorable but they fit like a dream, they are super soft and do not bind around my calf.  I am wearing size 8 Wide Calf Wellies, Brown with Colored Bird Print for up to 18 inch calves.  Made of sturdy rubber with a reinforced sole, the inside of the boot is lined with soft fleece that keeps you warm in the winter, gives a delightful softness and insulates against cool water when you are walking in it.

Dress: Adelle in Coral Dot by Igigi
Boots: Wide Calf Wellies in Brown with Colored Bird Print Courtesy of  Jileon
Earrings: Ceci Punch Designs

 It rained all day and gave me the perfect opportunity to really test my boots out.  I slogged around in the mud running errands, taking my dogs outside and finally when the rain broke we went uptown to play in the puddles at our local park.  My feet stayed dry and comfortable!  The rubber material makes them easy to clean up if they get dirty.  The sole of the boot is sturdy and the ridged bottom design makes these boots grip even the most slippery surfaces well.

 I had a lot of splashing in the puddles that the spring rain created at our town park in Lakeview on the banks of Tamarack Lake.  I have always loved playing in puddles but had always done so barefoot, it was a ton more fun to me wearing my Jileon boots, they kept my feet warm and dry in puddles that came halfway up my boot without worry.

 I had a ton of fun getting dirty but my feet stayed warm and dry in my Jileon Wellies!!!  What pair of Jileon Wide Calf Wellies is your favorite?

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