Monday, April 25, 2016

Silky stockings! The Big Tights Company Review!

What a beautiful sunny Monday morning here in Michigan!  I enjoyed my weekend and I am awake, having my coffee, ready to conquer the day!

Today, I am reviewing The Big Tights Company.  I have never been fond of wearing pantyhose, stockings or tights because being plus sized, as well as having larger legs has made finding a comfortable fit nearly impossible.  I discovered The Big Tights Company on Facebook and I was so excited to see that they cater specifically to Plus Size ladies!!  I contacted The Big Tights Company and they were kind enough to send me  some of their stockings to sample.
Stockings: Magic Stockings in Natural C/O The Big Tights Company
Photos: Put A Smile In It Photography
MUAH: Ashley Leathead
Petticoat: Jennifer in Yellow by Malco Modes
Shoes: Rockin Tiki Heels in Red by Lucky Lou Shoes

The Magic Stockings are 20 Denier silky matte finish stocking that fit thighs up to 30 inches.  Denier is the term for the thickness of material used to make stockings or tights.  Simply put the higher the denier number, the thicker the material. 20 Denier is sheer with a lot of stretch, yet very sturdy.  The most common issue I have with stockings is that when I try to stretch them to fit my legs, even if they are advertised to fit my size, they inevitably get a hole, run or snag that renders them immediately useless.  I did not have to worry with the Magic Stockings, I am wearing a size UK 20/24 and I am just in love with the fit.  They have tons of stretch and are also longer than average to fit even the taller ladies.  They fit like a dream, no rolling or binding around the largest part of my thigh.
I love the silkiness of the material.  They are soft as a whisper and look lovely on my legs.  They are sheer with just the right amount of color.  I have worn both pair three or four times without snags or issues so I am extremely pleased, any stocking that gets through more than one wear with me is great quality!!  The stockings are not too heavy but still made from sturdy material. I really love my Magic Stockings and cannot wait to try more of the wonderful products from The Big Tights Company!!  I am thrilled to see that so many companies are taking plus size ladies into consideration and designing quality products that fit regardless of size.  For too many years we have been relegated to the back of the store or a tiny section of dismal selections and I am so happy to see the tide turning!  Fashion is not size exclusive!
Stockings: Magic Stockings in Black C/O The Big Tights Company
Dress: Suzanne C/O Voodoo Vixen
Photo: Put A Smile In It Photography
MUAH: Ashley Leathead

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