Saturday, February 14, 2015

Crazy, Epic Friday the 13th

What a day!!  I'm not generally a superstitious person but it was crazy.  Tje day started out normal.  Then I ran out of gas for the first time.    I was driving my husband's car and was not used to it.  Lesson learned, do not push it in an unfamiliar car!  Thank goodness I was not out long, its been brutal weather here in Michigan this winter!

Then it got crazier!  My Dad was on his way to pick up my son when he was detoured off the main road by a house fire.  Taking back roads around here can be very hazardous and he slid into a ditch.  My Dad proceeded to put the car in gear and get out to push.  His door swung shut and locked him outside, no cell, no keys, Tire Spinning!!!  Took us a while to rescue him but thankfully noone was harmed and the car was fine.  My girlfriend also locked herself out!

After all this hilarity I was greeted by an awesome surprise!  I won my very first LadyV London dress!!  I will be recieving the gorgeous Eliza swing dress and cannot wait to wear and review it!

I have so many amazing things planned this year.  Many product reviews, events, photo shoots and more.  I cannot wait to share the fun!!!

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