Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Indie Czar review and more winter for Michigan?!

It's March 24, spring is officially here but still we find ourselves under a winter weather advisory here in Michigan.  I'm still dreaming of fragrant lilac blossoms, the scent of fresh mowed grass and open windows letting in pure breezes.  While I daydream away these last dreary days of a very long winter I'm busy working on exciting things!  I've been working the last few weeks on my Facebook page.  I'm getting more collaborations planned and I am absolutely thrilled to have several amazing companies that I will be working with very soon.  I love bringing fabulous new companies to the states.  I'm always looking for the newest in vintage dresses, clothing, accessories and items to bring to you!! 

Indie Czar is a hot new jewelry designer from Australia.  They make handmade custom pendants with fun, kitschy and beautiful vintage photos, art and the best of Hollywood's Golden movies and icons.  I noticed their work through a vintage shop on Facebook and they were kind enough to send me their Can do Rosie pendant to try.

  I adore my Rosie!!!  She's classy, sassy and beautiful!   The pendant is high quality, image is crisp under a glass dome and the chain is sturdy.  It falls in just the right place to be flattering and comfortable. 

Dress: Torrid
Hair flower: Vintage Box 1947
Necklace: Indie Czar
Sweater: Vintage

I have recieved numerous compliments and inquiries while wearing her out.  I recommend Indie Czar very highly.  They are friendly with great customer service, fast shipment, high quality merchandise and trendy designs!!   Thank you Indie Czar!!!!

Wishful Wednesday tomorrow, I cannot wait!!! Xoxo

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