Monday, March 23, 2015

Bearpaw Twill review!!

I'm an unabashed Beatlemaniac!!  I've heard their music my entire life at home, on the radio and on TV. My official love for the Beatles started when I was 16 when the Beatles Anthology was on TV.  I was intrigued with their talent and charisma.  I loved their fun style from the matching suits to full on hippie garb.  My son is named Lennon!  Yup, I'm a Beatles freak!  When I saw the Bearpaw Twill boot it immediately reminded me of a modernized version of the Beatle boots of the 1960s.

Streamlined and stylish but functional.  The Twill are everything I need in a boot.  

Comfortable, versatile and too cute!!  I wear them with everything, jeggings, leggings and dresses.  It is important to me that most of my boots are able to be worn with dresses as I wear dresses most often, these are perfect to dress up or down.  The hidden wedge heel is just the right height and very easy to walk in. I love the funky cut and shape with three silver snap accents on the side.  I'm also very pleased that I have not had to worry about Bearpaws fitting around my calves, they are great, very roomy.  I highly recommend them for plus size women like myself, who have a hard time getting boots that fit their calves!   They are super soft inside too, I just cannot get over how soft the Bearpaws are and warm because while it looks nice outside, it was only 38 degrees here in Michigan!  Here I am having fun in my Twill walking my Pomeranian brothers Smokey and Teddy around the neighborhood.

Leopard babydoll dress and leggings by Torrid (last year). Necklace courtesy of Indie Czar.  Sweater is vintage.

For more pics and fun check out my new Sassy Scarlet Facebook page!!  Tomorrow I will post more pictures and review my Can Do Rosie pendant from Indie Czar, hot new customizable jewelry from down under!!   I'm working on Wishful Wednesday already because I found the perfect dress.  I cannot wait to show you!  Xoxo 

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