Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wishful Wednesday!!

April showers bring May flowers!!  It's a chilly rainy morning, perfect for reading a good book and getting some work done.  I'm thrilled to be working not only on writing my blog but embarking on an exciting journey by becoming a work at home mother.  I will be writing and advocating for important Michigan environmental health issues.  I love nature and am very concerned with it's health so for me its a perfect mission to work toward bettering our future.  I love my home state of Michigan, winter is tough but when Michigan comes alive it's a breathtaking place of amazing natural beauty. I'm looking forward to the blooms of spring and have big plans for photoshoots in flowering orchards and along the picturesque shores of Lake Michigan.  Today's Wishful Wednesday is wistful thoughts of summer days and roses in bloom!! 

Roses are my favorite flower.  They evoke cherished memories of my childhood and gardening with my grandmother.  I love their delightful colors, layers of frilly petals and sweet, lingering fragrance.  When I discovered Hot Chocolate shoes I noticed originality, their designs blend art and concept in limited edition footwear.  While they have many crazy cool shoes, I was drawn to these Double Topping Emma heels immediately, I fell in love with their unique feminine style and rose print.  I adore the bright sky blue contrasting with the beautiful multicolored roses and the fanciful scalloped gold trim in front makes these shoes stand out for me, they are so very unique.  They are the inspiration and the focal point of this weeks outfit.  I usually am more of a dress lover but these shoes are so interesting they will definitely draw the eye and I believe they would be just as adorable worn with jeans.

Lindy Bop is among my favorite vintage clothing companies.  They have an amazing selection of clothing, dresses, skirts, petticoats all in beautiful vibrant patterns, colors and perfectly retro styled.  They are made from high quality materials and cut to fit very well.  I own the Ophelia dress in turquoise floral and the Carola halter dress in summer meadow floral, both are gorgeous! 

I would pair the Double Topping Emma shoes with this bold Lindy Bop Ethel dress in Coral.  The shoes have a vibrant print so a plain dress will make them stand out in this outfit.  The Ethel is a beautiful style, textured material, a boat neckline with gathered bodice, adjustable tie details at the shoulder and fitted wide waistband above a flaring circle skirt.  I would wear Lindy Bops white petticoat under for volume and feminine detail.

Daisy Jean Floral Designs are glorious!  They are designed by an Aussie Pinup girl with beautiful Pinup perfect style in mind.  Beautiful flowers for beautiful women.  I would wear this lovely pastel princess rose piece.  I love the large double roses in cream and with just a blush of color to match the blush color on the shoes.  I just do not feel perfectly finished until I'm wearing a flower in my hair!!

Cheap Frills from the U.K. have beautiful and charming designs.  They combine modern pieces with the classic beauty of Grandma's jewelry box and their items are hand assembled.  I love their In Bloom necklace.  The gold swallows hold a  bouquet of resin roses that echo the rose pattern and gold trim on the shoes.  I love the whimsical feel of golden birds in flight festooning my neck with a wreath of roses.  I'm very much into frippery and girly detail but as a work at home mom budget is key so I adore Cheap Frills fanciful designs and reasonable price tag!

I hope you enjoy my whimsy, I absolutely adore putting together these Wishful Wednesday outfits.  I'm a daydreamer at heart, join me for more fun on my Facebook page!!  Have a lovely day!!!

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