Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wishful Wednesday!

It's Wednesday again!!  I apologize for my lack of blogs in the last week.  Our family has really been struggling to stay well and unfortunately were hit with another bug.  The weather had been fluctuating rather wildly and this does not help our immunity.  It seems as if our weather has finally made a decision, it is finally warm and sunny and there are flowers coming up all around our yard.  I've been thinking a lot about casual wear outfits for spring and summer daily wear.  While I'm generally a dress girl, I've had my eye out for seperates that will add some mix and match variety to my wardrobe.  This week's look is an easy breezy casual sunny day look.  Great for everyday wear at home, running errands around town and picnicking or a fun afternoon outing with the family.

The Oblong Box Shop has just released their Palm Springs Swing skirt line inspired by the architecture of Palm Sprins and the Tiki life.  Available in a variety of unique novelty print patterns custom designed by Denialle Von Fitch, these skirts are medium weight polyester full circle skirts that use over 2 yards of material for the classic 1950s silhouette.  I chose the Mid Century House print with its kitschy atomic house print, boomerang pools, bright astro turf green background and salmon accents it is eye catching and a lot of fun.   The skirt is large enough to be full on its own or you can add a petticoat for extra flair.  I would pair this skirt with a simple black top to make the skirt the central statement piece of this outfit.  Their criss cross sweetheart pin-up top is the perfect compliment to this skirt.  The sweetheart neckline with twist accent, gathered material and criss cross straps make this a great retro styled wardrobe staple that can be worn with a printed skirt or a cute pair of bright capri pants.  I've been trying to add wardrobe staples like these to my closet and plan to add a a criss cross top and Palm Springs Swing skirt (or several!!) to my closet as soon as possible!!

Match Accessories is a fabulous handmade line of accessories inspired by a love of 40s, 50s and 60s fashion.  They offer a variety of unique and beautiful vintage inspired pieces including their gorgeous Sparklite.  I would wear their Hand Carved Teardrop Sparklite brooch in white with this.  The star motif matches atomic accents on the skirt and the white sparklite will stand out of the black criss cross top.  I would also wear their Hand Carved Teardrop Sparklite earrings in white to match, I love to match my accessories but I also often use them to draw attention to accent colors in whimsical prints such as this skirt.

I love Bearpaw!!  I've been a Bearpaw brand ambassador since February.  Every pair I have recieved is perfectly stylish, comfortable for walking and fit great.  Since I began working with them in einter I have only reviewed boots thus far so I have been dying to get my hands on their new spring line of colorful sandals, cute moccasins and adorable wedges.  I would wear my personal favorite from the spring line, the Flora wedge in white to finish this look.  I have a tendancy towards clumsiness so I prefer wedges for every day ease, they give me the boost in height I want without worry of falling over or tripping on things.  These wedges with their soft faux leather straps and jute wedge will keep you looking stylish but give the comfort of wearing flats.  I have yet to find a pair of paws that I do not absolutely love wearing!!  Thank you Bearpaw!

I love writing these blogs and sharing my thoughts.  I have been enjoying the planning and window shopping that I do in the days leading up to my posts.  This spring and summer I have so much planned.  It seems it's all just a waiting game at the moment but my dresses are chosen and I'm planning a pinup shoot next week.  It's been a very long time since my last shoot in December and so much has happened, it seems like years, not months, have gone by.  I am excited to get out there in front of the camera again, I will enjoy another fun summer season of photo shoots in many exciting locations and skipping around looking lovely in beautiful dresses.  I'm very much looking forward to our Michigan Pinups for Patriots events and will be writing my impressions and posting many photos from those as well.  Follow me on Facebook or Instagram for more fun! 

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