Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wishful Wednesday!!

I'm starting to get used to being a working mom.  Balancing my time between my family,  work and my blogging has been tough but I'm feeling content with my progress, I'm definitely proud of how far I've come!!  I never would have guessed a few years ago how much different my life would be but its an amazing journey and I'm always excited to see where I'll end up next!!  It's a gorgeous sunny day, a welcome change after a week of chilly rainy days.  Summertime is so close, my son Lennon is excited for school to get out and I'll be happy to enjoy the warm, carefree time together, a less hectic schedule will be a blessing.  I'm hoping for bonfires, nature walks, time at the beach with the family and fun with friends.  I'm especially looking forward to Pinups for Patriots events coming up!  I have been having dreams of exotic vacations lately so my  Wishful Wednesday this week is inspired by Hawaii, beautiful tropical paradise and perpetual summer bliss.

British Retro are a proud British made brand specializing in elegant, vintage style clothing from bygone eras.  They have a variety of fun prints and their dresses are made in small batches so they're a great choice for the gal who is always looking for something unique.  I choose their Hula Hula Scooter Girl dress, 1950s hula girls posing prettily and riding scooters on a background of palm trees and orchids.  This print is too fun, a retro Hawaiian vacation dancing across your dress!  The dress has a V-neckline at the front and back of the bodice, it also comes with a matching belt. The Hula Hula Scooter Girls dress is perfectly styled for creating a sublime hourglass silhouette, the fitted bodice draws you in at the waist and creates fullness to emphasize the full circle skirt.  It is truly a frock meant to swish and swirl about in on a beautiful day.

I recently discovered Bobò Chèrie Accessories on Facebook.  I adore her unique vintage inspired pieces, they are handmade from high quality craft materials.  I prefer items that are handmade, they have so much more charm and interest in comparison to mass produced items.  I choose Bobò Chèrie's Red Cherry necklace with leaves and the matching Bamboo earrings with red cherries.  The tropical tiki style matches the dress while drawing attention to red accents in the print.   Cherries are fun, fruity and bold, definitely not accessories to be ignored!

T.U.K. Shoes have hundreds of interesting and unique shoes perfect for any style you choose to rock,  designed to show your originality.  I love their selection of gorgeous heels, they have many fabulous pinup perfect styles available.  Their Cream Peeptoe Starlet Heels are my favorite!  These adorable faux leather cream peep toe heels include a cute knotted bow on the toe and an adjustable ankle strap with a matching cream wrapped buckle. These heels are about 4 ¼ inches high with a ½ inch platform and as if theyre not perfect enough, they're also vegan friendly!  When I'm buying shoes I want a pair that I know will not only stand the test of time style wise, but that I know will be something I can wear with as many outfits as possible.  I would love to own these Starlet heels in several colors, great shoes are a necessity for any pinup wardrobe!

I would finish this lovely outfit off with the Double teal blue cymbidium orchid hair flower from Sophisticated Lady.  Sophisticated Lady specializes in high quality handmade accessories in vintage styles inspired by the 1930s, 40s and 50s.  The Double teal blue cymbidium orchid perfectly accents the blue orchids on the dress adding just the right finishing touch.  I am a huge sucker for hair flowers, whether dressed in pinul style or not I love to finish off almost any outfit with a big colorful flower clipped in my hair!  Sophisticated Lady accessories are worn by some of my biggest Pinup inspirations like Miss Victory Violet and Acid Doll!! 

I have so many exciting plans, my summer is filling up fast with plans, some of which are photoshoots and Pinups for Patriots Michigan events.  I have some awesome items in the mail so I'm looking forward to future blogs, reviewing new brands and a few more personal stories I feel I need to share.  My passion is to help each person see the beauty in themselves but I am also hoping to show people that there's an entire universe of beauty waiting to be explored within each person we meet.  Check out my Facebook or Instagram pages for more fun!

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