Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall in love with Erstwilder!!

Monday morning!!  Coffee's on and I'm hard at work starting out a fabulous new week, the possibilities are endless!! 

Today, I am going to share with you about my Erstwilder obsession.  Last winter, I discovered the quirky Erstwilder through one of my favorite blogs, Junebugs and Georgia Peaches and I was entirely intrigued.  I kept seeing their glorious outfits perfectly accessorized with a seemingly never-ending cast of adorable characters.  Like any fashion fanatic, I had to seek them out and get myself a brooch!! 

Erstwilder is a Melbourne, Australia based company that design collectable, limited edition layered resin adornments.  Their cast of eclectic characters contains a plethora of creative and colorful friends.  I was lucky enough to win my first Erstwilder brooch in a contest.  My review of the She's so Foxy brooch.  I fell in love with my She's so Foxy brooch but retailers in the US were few and far between until recently when Erstwilder began selling direct, before that, I contacted Erstwilder and they were kind enough to send me a few of their lovely pieces for review and to shoot with.  I had a glorious time shooting my Erstwilder feature photos with Renee Ricket Photography

I chose the Oscar Wildenfox and Thomas Taffy Cat brooches; and the Betty and Bo Sparrow Necklace.  I had a tough time choosing from their huge selection.  There are so many conbinations that can be made so I took a look in my closet and the choices I made were to match as much of my wardrobe as possible.  One of the most fab things about Erstwilder is the variety which makes it easy to find just the right accessory!

Erstwilder's pieces come packaged in cute round boxes, each containing a collectable card with a blurb about your new pal.  Each character in the Erstwilder universe has their own story and personality just like the people who wear them!  The quality is obvious.  Each character is fully three dimensional and completely unique.  The resin is bright and lovely however the brooches should be handled with care because they can break, I have had no issues with this myself with normal wear.

You can do a lot worse than follow the wisdow of our Oscar: "Be yourself everyone else is already taken." 

Oscar Wildenfox is a bespectacled Fox with a studious expression.  He has been available in a few different colorways but my favorite is this lovely turquoise floral version.  He looks adorable perched on the shoulder of my dresses or pinned to a shirt with jeans.  I love wearing him when I volunteer at the Lakeview Museum.  In my photos I am frollicking around my Mother-in-law's lovely garden and reclining in a friend's apple orchard, I love how much beauty there is in Michigan!

 Being bespectacled myself Oscar and I have a kinship because of the glasses perched on our face.  He has accompanied me on many adventures and I recieve a slew of compliments whenever I wear any of my Erstwilder pieces, but his glasses always get the most remarks.

Dress: Lindy Bop Lana

 Betty and Bo Sparrow Necklace.

Betty and Bo show us that true love is never narrow.  It's rather alive and free.  How it is meant to be.

Love is in the air with Betty and Bo Sparrow.  Lovebirds smooch midair suspended from your neck.  Adorable with a variety of pinup or rockabilly styles.  I have worn them with my Unique Vintage cherry dress print and with jeans and a tee. This particular Erstwilder piece is sold out but the have several other adorable bird necklaces.  I enjoyed having summertime fun cooling off in the pool wearing my Torrid swimsuit and my Betty and Bo Sparrow Necklace.

Swimsuit: Torrid
Shoes: Bearpaw

Just like the candy he is named for, our Thomas is colourful, light and fluffy.  A bit of a stretch?  Surely not.

Thomas sits with his tail curled looking at you in the typical indifferent cat fashion.  I have always had cats so as a cat lover, Thomas was the perfect addition to my wardrobe and my husband helped me chose him so he's a special friend!  I am wearing him here with my Voodoo Vixen Kitty Dress.  I love the contrast of his bold shiny blue body sitting still, tail curled around him. Thomas seems to watch the black cats on my dress slink by as he calmly contemplates his day.

Dress: Voodoo Vixen Kitty 

Once upon a time, you had to find a retailer for Erstwilder but now thank goodness, there is the new Erstwilder shop so you can find all of their designs in one place and order direct from them.  They are constantly releasing new and interesting collections with something for everyone!  Which Erstwilder design is your favorite??

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