Thursday, November 5, 2015

I found MY thrill!! Blueberry Hill Fashions Marilyn Monroe Reproduction Dress Review

It is no secret that I am a fool for vintage style dresses.  My wardrobe at the moment is about 95% vintage style dresses and I am always looking for more!!  The prints, the lines and the beauty of the vintage style is something I am absolutely in love with and I find myself constantly looking at dresses, it's an obsession.  I love adding unique designs and new brands to my wardrobe.

From the time I was young, I have always admired the fashions of past eras and the beautiful women who wore them.  My love of bygone days was a combination of growing up close to my Grandparents, who were born in the 1920's and Madonna, who was definitely responsible for inspiring an entire decade of girls growing up in the 1980's to love vintage style.  Enjoying vintage entertainment, with beautiful women like Maureen O'Hara, Betty Grable, Lucille Ball, Rita Hayworth, Patsy Cline and Marilyn Monroe inspired me.

Marilyn Monroe was a fashion icon.  She wore so many timeless dresses that have been reproduced over the years.  Some of my favorite photos of Marilyn were taken with, then husband, Arthur Miller in 1957.  The photos show her wearing a lovely blue polka dot sundress with a tiered skirt and frolicking in the woods with her love.  These photos show an earthy side to Marilyn, you can see that she was a person who truly enjoyed life.

 I have loved this dress for years but being nit picky, I have never found a reproduction that I felt was complete.  Many companies have made versions of this dress but they were missing the piping, pleating and tiered detailing on the skirt, most opting for plain skirts to cut cost.

Finally, in searching on Instagram for new dress companies, I came across Blueberry Hill Fashions.  Their Marilyn Monroe Reproduction Dress is spot on and I am proud to own a reproduction of this lovely dress that is perfect in every detail thanks to Blueberry Hill Fashions!! 


Photography by: Horvath Photo
Photos taken on the Tamarack Nature Trail in my hometown of Lakeview, Michigan

Gorgeous and super figure flattering this dress is lovely and flowing.  Made of a light and soft cotton material, it is perfect for Summer but warm enough to wear on fall days with a cute cardigan.  I have worn this dress to church, to run errands, on a date and just as a daily favorite.  It is so comfortable and flattering that I find myself grabbing it when I have little time but I know I want to look and feel lovely.   Just like the original design, white piping accents the bust and the skirt giving it a tiered effect.  The skirt is long and full, I felt very fairy like swirling around the woods in my Marilyn dress.  This dress has fast become one of my favorite pieces.  It is easy to wear, lovely and looks great with a variety of accessories

I am wearing a size 20, the measurements are just right, it fits beautifully with just enough give to the material to make this my go to comfy dress.  I love the tie straps, they are wide enough to hide your bra strap and tying them gives you control over how you want your dress to fit.  Tie straps are a life saver for short gals like myself as I often have to shorten the straps on my clothing. The straps can be tied on the top of shoulder or like Marilyn wore her dress with the straps tied in the back. This dress is lined with a white liner for modesty.


 I feel greatly blessed to live in Michigan but fall makes me come alive.  My hometown of Lakeview sits on Tamarack Lake.  Tamarack Lake is unique, it has three islands sitting in the middle of it and our town cemetery sits on a peninsula of land jutting into the lake with a breathtaking view of the town and surrounding area.  Just through the cemetery is Tamarack Nature Trail, a lovely place that feels like you are stepping down into an enchanted fairy glade.  A path leads down into the thick woods bordered by ferns, the lake is on the right side and a wide swamp full of cat tails and bushes bearing red berries on the left.  As you come to the top of the hill it opens into a clearing overlooking the lake to the south and to the north the Lakeview Airport.  This is one of my favorite places to escape and enjoy nature in peace.  The leaves were at peak color so I could not resist taking a cue from Marilyn and went out to play among the leaves in my pretty dress!

Blueberry Hill Fashions have a huge selection of gorgeous vintage styled dresses, which of their designs would thrill you?

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