Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas elegance! Blueberry Hill Fashions Santa Baby Dress Review

I had a magical Holiday season!  I enjoyed time spent with family, fun with friends, ate good food and received some fabulous gifts that I cannot wait to share and review.  I had a ton of fun choosing my outfits for the holiday season and I will be reviewing several of the pieces this week.  I like to mix unique one of a kind vintage pieces with new items to create a look all my own.  I spent a lot of time combing my favorite local antique shops for kitschy Christmas items to give my wardrobe flare.

Vintage Brooches and Earrings found at The Intersection, my favorite local antique store!
 I found several Christmas brooches,  pretty earrings and a fabulous poinsettia embellished net apron that was begging to be worn!  We are a one income family so I cannot spend a lot on the things that I wear but I manage pinup on a budget.  My secret: I save for good base pieces and my favorites, then, I search local thrift and antique stores to accessorize.

The Santa Baby Dress from Blueberry Hill Fashions is an adorable red strapless swing dress with white piping detail.  The color is slightly darker than crimson red, which is flattering on most skin tones.  Made from a sturdy weight Polyester material that has a light amount of stretch, Santa Baby is a flattering dress with lovely fit.  I am wearing a size 20 and I feel that it is just the right fit.  I generally avoid strapless dresses and honestly have never worn one in a winter ensemble before but I have been growing in my personal style and wanted to try it!  

 Photos: Renee Ricket Photography
Location: Julie's Salon in Edmore, Michigan
Makeup and Hair by Sassy Scarlet
Cosmetics: Physician's Formula 

This was a step outside my comfort zone however, the dress looked lovely!  It was also pretty paired with a white cardigan, I liked having a bit more coverage when at our family Christmas Party.  I feel that the sturdy material and construction of the dress make it stay put a bit better on me than other strapless dresses.  The bodice is lined so it has some shaping and structure, even a busty gal like me can wear it with confidence! 
A cardigan makes things a bit more casual.
I love the flattering shape, the bodice tapers to a wide waistband and a generous full circle skirt.  I am wearing a vintage 120 yard cream petticoat underneath, giving the skirt a lovely graceful bell shape that made me feel like a Christmas Fairy Princess, but the full circle skirt makes a nice swish even without a petticoat underneath.  The Emerald Green Plus Tights from We Love Colors were the perfect compliment to the outfit giving a delightfully Christmas pop of green.  Tights are a comfortable, cute and affordable way to take your summer dresses into the colder months as well as adding a fun pop of color to your outfits, I will be reviewing We Love Colors Tights this week as well, stay tuned! 
I love this ensemble so much, I felt beautiful and elegant!!
Santa Baby is perfect for holiday looks but us also a fabulous base for many pinup ensembles.  This dress will be a staple in my wardrobe!  I will be wearing it in nautical inspired looks this coming summer and I really look forward to all of the fun outfits, I will be able to put together with this gloriously versatile dress!!

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