Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday musings and Bearpaw Scarlet Review

The beautiful spring weather has given way to rain today.  I love the rain but its tough to stay inside when I have so much pent up energy! They're predicting snow possible on my birthday Tuesday but I'll celebrate anyways!!  I'm extremely excited for my upcoming shoot with Put A Smile In It Photography on Wednesday.  I haven't shot since December so I'm anxios to make some beautiful art.  It's funny how no matter how many times I'm in front of the camera, I always feel like its the first time.  I'm anxious and jittery, always a bit unsure but once I get in front of the camera it all seems far away, I absolutely cannot wait!  I have been in prep mode readying my vintage hats, going through accessories, picking the perfect shoes to match the beautiful dresses from Vivien of Holloway, Hell Bunny, Lindy Bop etc. that I have the privilege to review and wear in fun, creative retro shoots.  I am also thrilled to collaborate with Brandy at Put A Smile In It because she is a sweet supportive person with a gorgeous vintage studio and an amazing artistic eye.  Bring it on!!  This is going to be such a fantastic adventure!!!

I adore history, I'm fascinated with bygone eras, fashion, customs and faces.  I took up genealogy because I wanted to know our family history.  I spend a lot of my free time pursuing my hobby of genealogy as our family history has not been well documented.  This often means long walks through acres of cemeteries searching for relatives tombs, clues or just history to solve genealogical mysteries.  I've been working on my family tree for a little over two years and have traced some branches to the 1500s.  I'm thrilled that spring is here and with it the opportunity to get out in my community and find more about my ancestors amazing stories.  My ancestors have gone from only names on paper to fascinating people with interesting, triumphant and sometimes tragic stories.  I'm lucky to have four generations of family from our local area and have used the internet to fill in history beyond that. There are many free websites and applications to use for records and research, it is a very rewarding hobby.  Ancestry and Family Search offer free family tree builders on their website alpng with huge records databases searchable for subscription fees however many local libraries have an Ancestry library subscription you can use to access records and research if you cannot afford the fees.  It's been such a pleasure to not only learn about our local history but to teach my son too!  I'm looking forward in the future to putting together and teaching a class on our area history to local homeschool students.
Because I do a lot of walking I'm always looking for practical and comfortable shoes.  I was thrilled when I saw the Scarlet moccasins in the Bearpaw spring line because first, I've always loved a cute, comfy pair of mocs and second because I am Sassy SCARLET, perfect!!  I like to wear moccasins with jeans, cute hippie dresses or just puttering around the house, They're very versatile.  The Scarlet moccasins are buttery soft suede with fringe toe detail, a cute tie and driving moc soles. 

The wonderful thing about Scarlet (and honestly all Bearpaws I've tried) is that they fit beautifully, I walked nearly two hours around our local park and cemetery in my Scarlet mocs, no back of the ankle rubbing, chafing or sore feet. The tread is good for indoor or outdoor wear and very good for walking, although I would not recommend them on a wet day or for trekking through rough woods.  I love their stylish simplicity.  Scarlet have become my fave casual shoe of the moment, they're rarely off my feet!!  I cannot help but gush over how much I love Bearpaw, they make a great variety of amazing quality, super stylish footwear for a great price!  I'm blessed to be a proud brand ambassador for them but I have been a huge Bearpaw fan and customer for years.

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