Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wishful Wednesday!!

It has been busy around here!!  Summer is beginning and with the end of the school year here, I'm looking forward to so many things planned!  Photoshoots, product reviews, Pinups for Patriots events with my Michigan chapter ladies, there is so much coming that I cannot wait to share!!  I've been feeling confident in myself, which is a big thing, after so many years struggling with self worth.  After staying at home for many years, it was tough adjusting to life working again, even from home.  I doubted myself at first but, I've been writing for a couple months now and I am finding it easier as time goes on!  It feels good to support my family and I can also be proud to be working towards a cause that will benefit the environmental future of my state.

I've been dreaming, hoping and saving my pennies since Pinup Girl Clothing announced their Mary Blair collection, it contains so many must have pieces.  I took advantage of their 25% off Memorial Day sale to finally treat myself to the Ella dress in lavendar Mary Blair lips and roses print, which I featured in my very first Wishful Wednesday blog.  I cannot wait to wear, review and shoot in this dress!!  The Ella dress has been on the top of my want list for a long time and this limited print was irresistible to me.  It reminds me of Sleeping Beauty, which was my Disney princess movie of choice growing up. 

Many of you may know this but I can admit it, I am a giveaway addict.  I love that so many companies are generous with their customers and fans, being on a tight budget it is often the only way I could afford to own or try many of these things.  I enter too many giveaways to count for the chance at new additions to my wardrobe, trips, books, food goodies and more, there are many out there on social media.  I have been very blessed to win many fantastic items.  I was lucky enough recently to win not only the lovely Kitty dress from Voodoo Vixen but also a Shark Bomb brooch from Glitter Paradise.  I also recieved the absolutely summery coral Lola sandals from Bearpaw so I have great ideas planned for photoshoots and outfits, plus I will be reviewing these fantastic brands and goodies, don't miss it!!

This week's Wishful Wednesday is purrrfectly pretty style inspired by cute kitties.  I love cats.  It seems I'm not the only one with the popularity of silly cat videos, Grumpy Cat and the many adorable cat print vintage and rockabilly style dresses I've seen.  I cannot remember a time in my life where I have not had a cat, they're fun companions, full of personality and attitude.  I first noticed Pigtails and Pirates through following the awe inspiring Miss Victory Violet.   The company began in 2011 when Laura Jones started creating children’s clothing. Having children of her own, she saw a need for something a little different than the average children’s wear.  She designed them using 100% designer cotton and quirky prints which spoke to her bold taste.  Their ladies wear line is a recent introduction but continues it's dedication to unique beautiful garments in interesting prints.  Pigtails and Pirates ladies clothing has a hint of retro, drawing inspiration from the 1950’s feminine character and silhouette.  I chose the Smitten Kitten Dress because it is charmingly cute.  It's a lovely flattering dress with a sweetheart neckline and full circle skirt.   The quirky kitten print is adorable and adds playful girlishness to this style. I would add a bright blue petticoat for extra volume and bounce.  For this, I recommend Malco Modes, their whisper soft, ruffled petticoats come in a huge array of colors and styles plus they're super high quality compared to many other brands I've tried. 

Erstwilder has just released their new Winter 2015 line, Aussie winter comes when summer is here in Michigan.  I am such a huge fan of their pieces and have my eye out for so many designs.  If you are looking for the perfect piece to match an outfit, always look for an Erstwilder piece, they have a character for every mood.   I love the new Elissa the Indie Cat colorway for this season.  She coordinates with the cat theme while adding contrast in color and pattern.  I love her cute tortoiseshell glasses to go with the sterotypical cat "know-it-all" look, cat owners know that look well!  Go check them out!  What's your favorite piece from the Erstwilder Winter line?

Sourpuss is a one-stop shop for clothing, accessories and housewares for those of us who like to walk off the beaten path. On their site you'll see old school punk, tattooed pinups, vintage, kitschy oddities, retro monsters, tikis and sailors.  I love that they have a huge selection of merchandise including not only Sourpuss brand but also Hell Bunny, Bettie Page shoes, Lux De Ville and more.  I chose the Sourpuss Pink Polka Dot Floozy Purse.  It's a pink & black polka dot retro style purse with vintage inspired, over-sized bow and a kiss lock closure.  The pink matches our dress and the black adds contrasting detail, I have learned to add contrasting colors as I tend to be a bit too  matchy-matchy at times.  Last, but not least are these gorgeous coordinating shoes also available from Sourpuss the Bettie Page Alicia heels in Pink.  Perfectly feminine, they feature cream lace detail with tear drop cut out on the toe and a cone shaped 4 inch heel.  Comfortable fit for long wear is assured by the adjustable straps at the ankle and toe.  They are a beautifully detailed vintage style heel and well designed for practical everyday wear.  Purrrfect!!!  What is your favorite Sourpuss item?

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