Friday, June 12, 2015

Pinup Girl Clothing Mary Blair Collection Ella Dress Review

Hello everyone!  Its been a terribly busy week here with family, work, Pinups for Patriots, singing and to top it off I've been struggling with internet issues so I was unable to put up this weeks Wishful Wednesday because of this, I apologize and am happy to be back online, blogging again.  I am excited to be working on my guest blog with Pinup Persuasion featuring my experiences and thoughts on a number of plus friendly vintage style brands.  I will be posting more reviews, photos, wishlists and blogging about all of my recent adventures with Pinups for Patriots Michigan chapter, expect lots of goodies to come, sometimes I think I need clones of myself to keep up!!

I have admired many styles at Pinup Girl Clothing for several years now but on our family budget it had always been more dream than reality.  When they announced their Magic of Mary Blair Collection I fell in love and as soon as I saw the Ella dress in lavender lips and roses print, I knew I needed to own that dress so I began saving and was lucky enough to scoop her up at a great deal during the recent Memorial day sale.  I am a princess at heart and I have no doubt that the Disney movies that I watched as a young girl are the reason.  I loved Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and I wanted to be them.   I grew up in Michigan in the country surrounded by nature. I spent many hours as a child prancing around the woods singing to my pets, pretending to be a princess.  The Mary Blair Ella dress in lips and roses print immediately reminded me of the Disney princess movies I grew up loving and this is because Mary Blair was the woman responsible for the fantastical vision behind many Disney classics made from 1943-1953.  The Mary Blair print is gloriously whimsical, beautiful pink and green roses with their twining vines dance on white across a brilliant contrasting lavender background accented with fluttering red lips like little butterly kisses.  I love this print, it is perfection, summery, lovely and unique, it reminds me of Sleeping Beauty.

  The Ella dress is cut beautifully flattering to any figure, I bought a size 2x and it fits like a glove.  The material is a high quality cotton blend, 97% cotton 3% spandex, this gives the material decent weight and nice stretch.  I am actually up a few pounds at the moment from a long, lazy winter but the 2x still fits me although it is snug it looks lovely. 

 The gathered bodice is scooped and finished with a cute black velvet bow.  The adjustable straps are better made, larger and more adjustable than any other brand I have tried, although their width does make them slightly difficult to adjust.  The back is elasticized on either side of the zipper which allows for a shapely fit in the bodice of the dress.  The dress then tapers in under the bust into a wide waistband, I find that this style really emphasize a small waistline.  The skirt is absolutely enormous, it is gathered full and heavy, the most generous skirt I've seen on any brand of  vintage style dress I have purchased.

 The skirt has hidden pockets on the sides, a very nice touch and well designed they do not stick out awkwardly as some pockets on other brands I have tried.  This skirt is long and heavy, I think that you really need a petticoat as the skirt lies very limp without, it looks much more lovely with the volume of a petticoat added.

  I wore a 120 yard, 26 inch long very full, cream petticoat underneath for my photos and I think that with the length of the skirt I would like to try a longer petticoat, that would give me the look I desire.  I am looking at the Malco Modes Cossette Petticoat in Light Pink.  I had nothing but compliments on the dress when wearing it, I enjoyed every second because I felt so lovely, I really am a prancing princess.  I love everything about it, the cut, fit, material and print, well worth the price considering the beauty and very high quality of the garment.  Thank You Pinup Girl Clothing for creating quality Couture for Every Body, it is wonderful to have companies like you who cater to every woman and realize that beauty has no size, there is no number to define personal style.  I cannot wait to add more pieces from Pinup Girl Clothing to my wardrobe!!!

My photos were shot along the beautiful coastline of Lake Michigan at Duck Lake State Park in Muskegon by Alyx Wiltse.  I love my home state, Michigan is filled with such varied natural beauty and a rich history.  I enjoy walking through the thick of the woods over grass covered dunes to the beach searching for beach glass and fossils.  I get lost in the peacefulness there, seemingly never-ending skies over, my toes in the water and the sounds of waves crashing to shore, Lake Michigan is majestic and enchanting.

  I am blessed to be able to have the chance to travel all over our state with Pinups for Patriots this summer, I cannot wait, stay tuned as Monday I will be writing and sharing about our recent events! 

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