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Tuesday Treasures: A few of my favorite things

Jeweled vintage purses and hats trimmed with netting.  Kitschy old knick knacks and brooches with gilding, brown retro hat boxes tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things! 

Welcome to my newest blog feature, Tuesday Treasures.  Each week I will showcase fabulous vintage items in my own collection or items I am currently searching for.  I have always had a huge love affair with antique and vintage pieces. My grandparents were born in 1919 and 1920, the example I saw from them and the heirlooms they possessed fascinated me.  I used to play dress up in my Grandmother's jewelry and clothing, as a consequence my style inspiration is anything old fashioned, unique and eclectic. I love many different eras, I'm an old soul.  I've been collecting odds and ends since I was a child.  I'll be sharing my favorite items in my collection, a few details about their style and age, tell you where I found these items and how to look for lovely retro items to add to your own collection.  Enjoy this visual journey.  These are my favorite things!

Friends and family are a great source for vintage items. Family have items that are passed from one person to another through the years.  Family and friends are also usually willing to keep their eyes out if they know you have a collection.  Many items I own came to me through my favorite people and because of that they are even more special.

I was very lucky to have a close relationship with my Grandmother and I inherited many lovely, sentimental treasures from her over the years.  One of the first things she gave me was this cute little vintage pill box.  I still remember the day she gave it to me and it's been with me in my purse ever since, it is a very handy item!  Gold metal with enameled black background, painted rose bouquet and gilding.  I believe it to be from the 1910 era.

My Grandmother also gave me this lovely 1930s era silver overlaid art deco ball chain bracelet when I was a teen.  I saw it in a cabinet and begged, she told me it had been her mother's.  It has become my good luck charm, I often wear it to shoots, events and while performing.

These four lovely vintage purses from the 1950s era belonged to Alice, who is the mother of my mom's best friend.  I have many fond memories of times spent visiting their lake cottage across the street from my grandparents house playing with their grand daughter when I was little.  I feel lucky to have recieved them.

I love kitschy, unique antique stores and thrift shops.  My best friend and I hung out in one called The Grapevine for years always looking for fun new items to use in our wardrobes and just generally enjoying the fantastic history around us.  Over the years these have been the places I have found most of the items I treasure that were not passed down to me.  Antique stores, thrift shops, estate or yard sales, secondhand shops are all an adventure in time.  These stores often look like crowded masses of old junk to others but I know that a good look through will usually find fabulous treasures waiting for discovery.  Wade right in and don't be afraid to get dirty!!

 Art nouveau style brooch with beautiful lady and poppies dating from the late 1890s to 1910s.  Bronze metal with hand applied enamel. Found at a thrift sale for $1.

 Bakelite faux tortoiseshell hair comb with ornate metal and rhinestones 1920s era.  Antique store find, a gift from my husband.

Avon Charisma cologne in a red cardinal bottle, 1970s.  Found in a secondhand clothing store for fifty cents!

1950s era bakelite screw back earrings with real seashell inlay and gold stars.  Antique store find, I paid $2.00.

Gorham Chantilly silverplate brush and comb dresser set circa 1895, I'm still searching for the mirror to match.  Antique store find.

Christian Dior flowered hat 1950s, antique store find.

1950s Marwal chalkware Hawaiian girl bust with hibiscus flower.  Antique store find.

Art nouveau pewter trinket box with flowers, 1910 era, found at Goodwill!

1962 Ponytail Barbie case, found at an antique store.  I love using this to carry small vintage items and jewelry to photoshoots.

Each item I own has a story and significance, they bring back memories of people, places and times gone by.  I love learning the origins of these items and through this research I find interesting history.  Next week for Tuesday Treasures, I will showcase my vintage hat and fascinator collection.

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