Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Accessories Ahoy!! The Moby Duck Review

I am a fool for accessories.  I love the personality and unique spin they put on an outfit.  I have looked far and wide in my search for as many quirky vintage reproduction accessories as I can.  I was lucky enough to have some of my Grandmother's jewelry but I remembered other pieces I had played with as a child.  Lovely molded or sculpted resin and plastic jewelry in fanciful animal, flower and novelty shapes.  I remember Grandma had a pair of earrings in the shape of hibiscus flowers, they were bright and beautiful looking, so lifelike, these memories are the reason that I love interesting accessories.

My Brooch Board!

I discovered The Moby Duck on Instagram.  I was immediately drawn to their lovely selection of glorious Handmade Resin Jewelry.  The Moby Duck is the vision of artist and crafter Amy Marshall who resides in Melbourne, Australia.  I am thrilled to have been sent a selection of their lovely jewelry to review.  I was instantly struck by the beauty of these pieces.  The resin is bright and smooth, the details are amazing, right down to the tops of the acorns being the perfect texture, it is obvious that a lot of love and care has gone into the making of these pieces.  The variety of pieces is fantastic with something available to enhance every outfit and perfect touches for even the changing seasons.  I have found that my Moby Duck pieces have become a staple in my wardrobe, they always invite remark and add a pretty finishing touch to so many of my outfits.  I just cannot stop wearing my Moby Duck pieces, so I'm sure you'll fall in love too!!

  I had a beautiful day enjoying the fall sunshine at Anderson & Girls Orchard with Jessica from Horvath Photo shooting for my blog! 

Oak Leaves and Acorns Brooch in Rose Gold courtesy of The Moby Duck.  Dress: Kiyonna Ravishing Lace Wrap Dress in Rich Garnet.

Oak Leaves and Acorns in Rose Gold.  Lovely oak leaves on the branch of rose gold adorned with acorns and sparkling golden glitter detail.  This brooch is the perfect fall piece for a Michigan gal, our yard is surrounded by oak trees.  I love wearing it on dark red as it stands out and really shows the loveliness of this design.  October is the perfect month in Michigan to wear this brooch and I have worn it with several outfits for a touch of autumn spirit.

The Orange Goldfish Resin Brooch is a cute detailed goldfish made of two shades of orange resin.  Beautifully detailed and graceful with gently fanned fins and gleaming scales.  He is an adorable companion for cute summertime outfits, beachy days and lakeside strolls.  I paired my Goldfish Brooch with my Mermaid dress for a match made in heaven!
Brooch: Orange Goldfish courtesy of The Moby Duck.  Dress: Ella in Mermaid by Carolina Dress Company.
 I have named my Goldfish, Gary, because he was a hit with the little girls at church when I wore him they all had to come touch him and look at him so he really took on his own personality.  I love how cute little accessories can lead to conversations!

Brooch: Seahorse courtesy of The Moby Duck.  Dress: Ella in Mermaid by Carolina Dress Room.  Crinoline: Malco Modes
 The Seahorse Brooch was an adorable addition to my mermaid dress as well, I love how these cute little guys seems to swim along happily perched on my shoulder.  They are such fun little companions and everyone who notices them has to look and admire the detail on The Moby Duck pieces! 

Red Rose Brooch and Red Floral Bangle courtesy of The Moby Duck.  Dress: Pinup Girl Clothing Ella in lavender Mary Blair Lips and Roses.  Petticoat: Malco Modes

Cherry Red Large Vintage Rose Brooch is a beautiful blooming red rose with green leaf detail.  I love how bright and bold this brooch is, a good size to draw attention amd as luscious as a real bloom. 

 The Large Vintage Rose Brooch is available in many colors so you can coordinate it with other Moby Duck accessories (such as I have with the Red Floral Bangle) and with the selection of colors you are sure to find just the right piece to accent your outfits perfectly.

Red Resin Floral Bangle.  I love The Moby Duck's selection of resin floral bangles.  This lovely floral bangle is available in a huge variety of colors.  Roses, lily of the valley, zinnias, mums and leaves dance around this beautiful bangle.  I am a fool for flowers so I would love to ladder tons of these floral fantasies up my arms!

Tweetheart is an adorable red heart brooch with a swooping white sparrow.  I love birds and this brooch is perfect for me because of that.  It looks lovely on coordinating fabric or standing out in a darker dress.

  I love the simplicity of the design but the beauty is in the detail of the bird with the delicate feather details.  I am smitten with these lovely red accessories worn with my Pinup Girl Clothing Mary Blair Ella dress!

The Moby Duck offers high quality, beautifully detailed accessories in a huge variety of styles and colors.  Which are your favorite styles, because I know you cannot possibly chose just one!!

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